Welcome to our latest collective private tracker open signup update. This is a recap of notable private and public torrent sites we discussed here in the past one and a half months. This post includes summarized information about 16 different torrent sites that are currently open to the public, either via direct open registrations or by alternate means such as online invite applications or IRC recruitment. As usual, lots of niche trackers including sites that specialize in High Definition content, E-Learning material, Movies, Music, Games, Software as well as General/0Day trackers that index a broader range of content is featured in the article. All entries come complete with up to date site statistics, signup URLs and links to a detailed review which usually contains screenshots and other noteworthy information. Please take the time to read full review before you sign up for any tracker – this will save you from signing up for sites that you’ll never use and will prevent private trackers getting filled with lots of inactive members.

Site Name: AceHD (http://acehd.net)
Signup URL: http://acehd.net/signup.php
Stats: 13600+ members and 4200+ torrents
Description: AceHD is a specialized HD tracker which tracks movies, TV shows and documentaries in high definition video formats. Although it has had only three public open signups in one year, the site has managed to build a strong user base. Signups are currently open, but most likely will not last long.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: Asia Torrents (http://www.asiatorrents.com)
Signup URL: http://www.asiatorrents.com/index.php?page=signup
Stats: 184000+ users and ~14000 torrents
Description: AsiaTorrents (formerly known as AvistaZ), is a private tracker that focuses on movies from the Asian region. Movies, music and TV Shows from countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India and Thailand may be found here. A massive tracker with some really rare content.
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Site Name: PwnNetwork (http://pwnnetwork.net)
Signup URL: http://pwnnetwork.net/register.php
Stats: 5600+ members and 600+ torrents
Description: PwnNetwork is a new Gazelle based games tracker. This site is the successor to nTorrets – instead of limiting itself to one particular console, PWN tracks games across multiple platforms including PC, PS3, Will. X360 and more.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: The Geeks (http://thegeeks.bz)
Signup URL: http://thegeeks.bz/signup.php
Stats: 3800+ torrents
Description: Latest addition to the TBZ studios family of trackers, TheGeeks is a new E-Learning tracker. With nearly ~4000 unique torrents uploaded within weeks since launch, this has to be one of the most successful trackers to be launched in 2010 so far.
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Torrent My Books
Torrent My Books
Site Name: Torrent My Books (http://torrentmybooks.com/)
Signup URL: http://torrentmybooks.com/register.php (Optional)
Stats: 250+ torrents
Description: TMB is not a private tracker – it’s a new public BitTorrent search engine that focuses solely on educational material. Torrent files are hosted on TMB but it uses external trackers (such as OpenBitTorrent) to facilitate the downloads.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: CreativeBits
Invites Channel URL: irc://irc.omgwtfhax.net/cb-invites
Stats: 275 users and 1000+ torrents
Description: CreativeBits is a  ratio free BitTorrent tracker dedicated to tracking templates, graphics, fonts, E-books, video tutorials, content management systems (CMS), Flash & Photoshop content, software, etc. It’d come in handy for software engineers, web developers, web designers, graphics designers and even to students of pretty much any field related to information technology.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: nCore (http://ncore.cc)
Invite Application URL: Visit http://ncore.cc/login.php and click on Meghívó igénylés
Stats: 138000+ users and ~90000 torrents
Description: A huge General/0Day torrent tracker, nCore has opened invite applications probably for the very first time since its launch. With a massive torrent index and thousands of users, activity is very high on this site. Please refer to the full review for detailed signup instructions including translation help.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: iTS
Signup URL: Please refer to this post for detailed instructions.
Stats: 4500+ torrents
Description: A private tracker that does not prefer much publicity, iTS has just started recruiting new members via their online invite applications. iTS’ a ratioless tracker that shares a lot of unique content such as AFR movie rips, lossless FLAC rips, a variety of classic collections and of course, other general content including a ton of exclusive uploads made available by the site’s internal encoders. Before you apply, please do read the full review carefully.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: Wunza (http://wunza.ws)
Invites Channel Direct Link: http://wunza.ws:9090/?nick=&channels=interview
Stats: 3000+ users and 975+ torrents
Description: A Gazelle based specialized movie tracker, Wunza launched v3 recently with a new visual layout and a more polished look. This tracker is known for it’s IMDB style browse pages and attractive user interface.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: SceneVids (http://scenevids.info)
Signup URL: http://scenevids.info/signup.php
Stats: ~1000 torrents
Description: SceneVids is a specialized music video torrent tracker. As the name suggests, most of the indexed torrents are scene releases. Although only a few weeks old, SceneVids is off to a promising start, with lots of new torrents uploaded daily.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: TinBoxTorrent (http://www.tinboxtorrent.com)
Signup URL: http://www.tinboxtorrent.com/signup.php (EDIT: Site is temporarily offline)
Stats: 300+ torrents (at last check)
Description: TinBoxTorrent is a movie and TV tracker with a lot of focus on BRRips and BDRip releases. The site has received a lot of positive comments from our users but unfortunately, it went down a couple of days ago. According to TBT administrator, it will be back soon (read last comment in full review link for the detailed response).
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: Libble (http://libble.me)
Signup URL: http://libble.me/register.php
Stats: ~8000 users and 16700+ torrents
Description: Libble is a ratio free music torrent tracker powered by Gazelle RC2 codebase. They recently increased their maximum user limit to 10000 and there are plenty of free slots left for potential new members. 
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: DeamonBytes (http://www.deamonbytes.net)
Signup URL: http://www.deamonbytes.net/create_account.php
Stats: 10000+ users and 1800+ torrents
Description: DeamonBytes is the successor to long standing private tracker PeerPortal (now defunct). DB is a ratio free site and has managed to retain bulk of the old PP user base, making it one of the more active new trackers to launch recently.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Romanian ShareReactor

Site Name: Romanian ShareReactor (http://tracker.sharereactor.ro/)
Signup URL: http://tracker.sharereactor.ro/registration.php
Stats: 7500+ torrents
Description: Another veteran 4+ year old private tracker, RSR tracks both scene and non scene releases at pretty good speeds. The site is not always open for registration but the there’s space for ~1500 new signups in current recruitment phase.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: Speed.cd (http://speed.cd)
Signup URL: http://speed.cd/signup.php
Stats: 25000+ torrents
Description: A private tracker that’s several years old, Speed.CD ran into hot waters after they claimed it was the official home of popular P2P ripper aXXo (which it wasn’t). Nevertheless the site has survived the controversy and is currently open for signup. Speed is a family friendly tracker focusing only on Movies and TV shows.
Full Review: [Click Here]

The Empire
Site Name: The Empire (http://www.theempire.bz)
Signup URL: http://www.theempire.bz/signup.php
Stats: 4300+ torrents
Description: Another member of TBZ tracker family, The Empire is a private torrent tracker for TV and radio shows. TE specializes in shows from commonwealth countries – television shows from Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and other regions may be found here. Just like its sister sites, TE.BZ indexes some unique torrents not usually found elsewhere.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Not enough private trackers? Check out our previous collective tracker update (September 2010) – this included 15 more sites, most of which are still open for signup.

Special thanks to everyone who’s been sending us tips, inside information and updates – you guys have been awesome.


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    Scene tracker
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    Amazing collection.

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    PwnNetwork invite only

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    speed.cd doesn't work anymore and ncore got taken down by hungarian police..

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