It’s always bad news when a BitTorrent tracker shuts down. It’s even worse when the said community is a well established one, such as PeerPortal. PeerPortal was a veteran private torrent tracker that was more than 4 years old. Unfortunately, the site permanently shut down a couple of days ago, leaving its loyal members stranded and without their beloved file sharing home. There is however, some good news – shortly after PP went down an official replacement for the tracker surfaced in the form of DeamonBytes. DeamonBytes is a new General/0Day torrent tracker that’s ratio free. It’s run by the same staff of PP (minus one co owner) and has more or less the same user base as its predecessor. Signups for DB are currently open and both old PP members and completely new users are now are able to register without the need for an invite.


If you were an old PeerPortal user, your PP account is likely to work on DeamonBytes if it meets one condition – the account must be older than 1 year. You can of course create a new account if the old login doesn’t work -  it wouldn’t make much of a difference as upload : download statistics are not migrated from PP into DeamonBytes. Although the main site functionality including torrent downloads is working, some features are still being worked on. A news item posted on the homepage is quoted below:

We hope you like your new site and that it more than makes up for the loss of peerportal.
The site is in its early stages of construction but the main functions for uploading/downloading are fully functional for your pleasure. Please be patient while the rest of the work is being completed, the good news is our coder will complete any work while the site is live so unless i myself (Glen) breaks something, there will be no downtime.
Signup's are open until further notice "so spread the word".
All user stat's have been wiped for a fresh start and the site will be ratio free,(site rules apply).

Although DeamonBytes starts off with a strong user base of over 8500 members, its torrent index is being re built from scratch. The site currently indexes over 330 active torrents – lots of new releases are being uploaded daily. DB is a general/0day torrent tracker so there’s nothing revolutionary in terms of content here – if it’s popular scene and non scene releases you are looking for, chances are that this tracker will have them.

DeamonBytes Index

Registrations for DeamonBytes are currently open. It’s not just old PP users that are welcome here – site is open to completely new members as well. If you are looking for a community based ratio free general tracker, check this out.

Site Name: DeamonBytes (

Signup URL:

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