This came as quite a surprise for me but apparently is open for registration once again. Bolt is a huge direct download link (DDL) forum or a link sharing community where you can download everything from movies, music, software, games, E-books audiobooks to TV shows, music videos and even magazines. Bolt claims to be the world’s first link sharing forum – it’s been around for ages and is currently home to a huge community of over half a million members sharing download links every day. If you tried to become a member of this site during the last few months, you’d have noticed that new registrations were disabled. Good news is that they have now been re opened. This re-opening was done without much noise and it doesn’t seem like many people are even aware of it yet – but yeah, it’s real and Bolt is open. In case you still aren’t a member, this is a great opportunity to get into this awesome forum.

Bolt.Org Logo

There really is nothing much to say about this site in terms of member activity and content – it’s excellent. As of 18/09/2010 Bolt had an active user base of 581000+ registered members who had created over 300000 threads. What’s great about the statistics is that vast majority of those 300k+ threads are actual releases – there are very few spam threads and other unrelated topics on this site. Almost every open topic leads to something that you can download :p

As for the content indexed on Bolt, it pretty much has everything – scene releases, P2P releases as well as exclusive user uploads such as re-encoded movies and TV shows which you probably won’t find anywhere else. This includes nearly 30000 movie threads, ~15000 TV threads, ~70000 music threads and ~12500 E-book threads among dozes of other categories. Basically it’s an all in one solution for all your downloading needs. A screenshot capturing some parts of the main index and downloads sections on Bolt can be seen below (these threads are only visible to registered users):

Bolt Index functions pretty much like any other DDL forum. It does not host any of the files on its own servers. Files are hosted on various one click hosting services such as HotFile, RapidShare, Megaupload, etc and only the download links are posted on Bolt’s threads. These links are reliable, non spam and fake free (we recommend you use JDownloader to download from this site – it works great on one click hosting links).

Registrations for are currently open. As we said earlier, they did not accept new members during the last few of months so this should be a great opportunity for those who waited in line to get in. Although there was no official announcement, re-opening is real – it was confirmed by one of the admins on the forum itself. However, we are not sure till when the open signups would continue – doors may remain open for a few days or they may close in the next few minutes. Get in while you can.

Site Name: Bolt (

Registration URL:

For other interesting DDL sites similar to this site, check out our DDL forums section.

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  1. Violated // 9/18/2010 11:28:00 PM  

    Another gem from file networks. thanks.

  2. ruudy // 9/19/2010 12:24:00 AM  

    I got in. I agree this is a huge DDL forum.

    But is it bigger than tehparadox?

  3. h4x0rm1k3 // 9/19/2010 03:06:00 AM  

    This used to be called as I still have my old account on Bolt from the old Rapidfind site lol! Shows how long ago it is since I used DDL servers regularly!

  4. Woja's Movie Dump // 9/19/2010 01:21:00 PM / have always been opened to new users, so the title is a bit misleading.

    Great forum though with many users :)

  5. Weems // 9/19/2010 01:27:00 PM  

    @Woja's Movie Dump,
    No it hasn't. It's been closed during the past few weeks. There's even a thread about it in the forum.

  6. John Tracker // 12/20/2012 06:52:00 AM  
  7. Blogger // 9/16/2018 03:27:00 PM  

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