The past few days have definitely been great ones for fans of private trackers. We’ve seen some good sites opening up and promising new sites being launched. This post is about another rare open signup of a popular private tracker. JPopsuki, a torrent site which indexes Japanese pop music (J-Pop) as well Korean, Chinese, Thai and other Asian music and TV torrents, drama plus fansubs, has opened registrations after being closed for almost an year. It’s a huge site with tons of torrents and thousands of members and you can probably call it the What.CD for Asian music. The site recently celebrated its 1st year online since v2.0 launch - global free leech has been activated and registrations opened as part of birthday celebrations. For those who still aren’t members (and for dozens of folks who left invite requests in our previous post about this site), this should be a great chance to create an account.


As you might already be aware, JPopsuki 2.0 runs on a Gazelle implementation. It is in fact one of the largest Gazelle based sites out there with nearly 100000 registered users and around 45000 torrents. Torrent count has nearly tripled and user base almost doubled since we last featured this site on the blog several months ago (back in November 2009 top be precise) . The Gazelle implementation is very well done with fast navigation speeds, smooth visual layout and several cool themes to choose from.

Although JPopsuki started off as a tracker for Japanese pop music albums, it has now expanded to track Korean, Chinese and Thai music as well. However, audio is not all you’d find on JPopsuki - this tracker also has a lot of promotional videos (PV), Fansubs, DVD releases and even TV Drama. Bulk of the torrents are music albums in MP3 format but there are quite a few lossless music torrents as well. A screenshot of the torrent index can be seen below:

JPopsuki Index

Unsurprisingly, JPoPSuki’s staff take a lot of pride in their achievements during the past year. A detailed news post explaining the site’s progress, core features and its future is quoted below (this was originally posted on JPopsuki homepage):

Pretty much exactly 1 Year ago JPopsuki 2.0 went public and registrations were opened for the first time, time for some celebrations, right?
But also time to draw a little resume and look back on the year that passed.
Since then, JPopsuki 2.0 has amassed almost 100000 registered members of which at least 30000 are active each month. While these are not yet numbers we had on the old tracker I guess we cut down considerably on dupe accounts and maybe also on inactive one's. Still, there is space for more ppl and we encourage everyone to invite new ppl to the site you deem worthy... or that they use the open sign-up's as long as they last!
All those fancy ppl were pretty active too! In that year over 55000 torrents were posted on the site, over 43000 of those are still around and 38000 of those are even still actively seeded. Not the worst numbers in my book, but could be better. All those files were downloaded a staggering 5 Million times, resulting in over 4.5PB of traffic produced by our fellow members... quite a lot for 374,659 files (or 22TB) in these torrents! We roughly have about 150 new torrents on the site each day and that's been pretty much the same since the start and isn't really stopping.
The request system could be considered as a success too, with 8100 requests made and 61% of those filled, I'd say that these results are a lot better than what was accomplished by the request forum on the old tracker. :>
Beside all these raw numbers we also got a future rich tracker here with more improvements and new stuff build in it in that year than in the whole 5 years the old tracker was around even tho I've been a lazy ass most of the time. And now that I got a helping hand with RJ, expect even more new stuff in the year(s) to come.
But sure, not everything was rainbows and sunshine, some members might have been pissed off by the fact that they lost all their precious stats and what not, don't like the rules here, miss the rotating banners and the red line and what not.
But I, the staff and a lot of the current members might beg to differ.
Anyway, as celebratory means registrations to the site have been opened and a global freeleech is ongoing till around the end of sunday. So snatch all you missed out on so far and tell your friends that missed open signups.
But please, do not think about creating dupe accounts, we WILL crack down on dupe account owners after registrations are closed again and expect registrations not to be open for another year again.
But beside that, enjoy the freeleech and celebrate a bit with us, maybe give us your own resume on how you think this place has developed and if you still think that it is an improvement/downgrade over JPopsuki 1.0.
To all new arrivals:
Welcome to the party, even if a bit belated! Now that you are new here please check out the Rules, see the Forums and the Help section if you have any questions and do not forget about your bonus points that you might amass in your stay here - use them if you are in a tough spot or on low upload connections.
But beside all that, enjoy your stay here and try to be a productive part of the community.
Happy bday from MellowB and the JPopsuki 2.0 Staff!

As we mentioned earlier, JPopsuki registrations are currently open. It can be assumed that signups would remain open at least until Sunday the 12th. If you are interested in becoming a member, get in while you can – this site doesn’t open up frequently.

Site Name: JPopsuki (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Gabor, Bugatti and others who sent us heads up on the open signup.


  1. Matías // 9/16/2010 01:23:00 AM  

    Oh damn, too late for open registration. I'm surprised there were no other posts before me. This tracker really seems interesting to me since i look after Asian music.

  2. Anonymous // 9/18/2010 05:03:00 PM  

    Can you invite me T_T

  3. Christopher Y. // 9/26/2010 03:00:00 AM  

    well although the post says it's like a for asian music i think a better comparison would be it's a boxtorrents for asian music as they have lost of albums and artists, mainly based on licensing area that they ban.

  4. Delfofthebla // 9/26/2011 04:09:00 AM  
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  5. John Tracker // 12/20/2012 06:53:00 AM