Yeah it’s kinda late for posting the June 2010 edition considering it’s already September. I somewhat forgot about TGSC in the last couple of weeks on top of it I couldn’t issue #44 anywhere else until Defacto posted it a couple of days ago. Anyways for collectors and fans of this awesome pirate magazine, here’s the June 2010 edition of ‘The Game Scene Charts’. If you don’t know what this mag is all about, it rates and ranks groups in the PC game scene based on the number of pirated game releases they make every month. Issue #44 covers releases in the month of June 2010. Sadly, there are no interviews with release groups in this issue (unlike the last edition where SKIDROW was interviewed) but rest of the features including editorial, monthly overview, etc are there.

The Game Scene Charts

As far as the monthly rankings go, SKIDROW has managed to secure the first place yet again. If I remember correctly, this is the 5th time in a row they’ve come up first (as said above, if you want to read the interview with SKID read the last issue which you can find here). TiNYiSO, a group primarily focused on releasing budget games gains the second spot while the all time rankings leader RELOADED follows in the third place.


You can download TGSC issue #44 from Defacto, a scene resources site we featured in a previous article.

[Click Here] to download Game Scene Charts Issue 44 (June 2010) from Defacto.

Note: Your screen may flash and flickering text will appear during the magazine’s intro screens. This is intentional since it’s modeled after old school scene cracktros.

If you are looking for older editions, Defacto has the complete collection of TGSC magazines since Issue #1 (September 2006) in this page. And it’s regularly updated with new editions as well.