Lately there’s been a lot of talk about P2P release groups setting up their own private trackers and forums to distribute exclusive material. For example, the P2P movie release group iMAGiNE recently launched their own private tracker – apparently many people seem to ‘dig’ this type of sites and it’s been quite a hot topic of discussion on various file sharing forums and blogs such as FST & FSF. Anyways iMAGiNE tracker is not the first of its kind and nor is it the only site run by a P2P release group. There are countless others including tpsBB (Nhanc3 releases) HD-UNIT3D & BIT-UNIT3D (UNIT3D releases), Darkside_RG (aXXo & several other groups), PeerAccess (T0XiC releases), etc that are run by P2P groups. Today’s post is about another similar forum; FraMeSToR-HD (FHD). It’s home to well known movie encoding group FraMeSToR. FHD forum gives you advance information on upcoming encodes from FraMeSToR, FLAWL3SS and The Revolution (RVL - untouched Blu Ray release group), allows encoding requests and even group recruitment.

Framestor Logo

For those of you who haven’t heard about FraMeSToR before, here’s a brief description of them (quoted from a FHD forum post published back in mid 2009):

It is time to reveal our cloak of secrecy! Many of you have been wondering what our group is about, and who we exactly are. FraMeSToR is a new high quality movie encoding group. Some of our group members are in fact ex-EuReKA members but of course not all. We have welcomed some of these EuReKA members with open arms simply because they have great encoder skills. FraMESToR is a new name in the high quality encoder tracker scene, and we wish that our encodes are welcomed on all trackers. (feel free to contact us!). We are internal encoder on chdbits, but you can find our encodes on many other trackers, simply because you guys still know how to recognize quality and spread our releases! Thank you for that! If you wish to discuss our encodes or want to see what's in store for you, simply visit

FraMeSToR is no longer an internal group at CHDBits – they moved onto bit-HDTV and later onto HDME, which is the group’s current home ( read this article if you want to read full announcement on moving to HDME – HDME is currently closed for signup but most of our readership should have accounts there thanks to the recent open signup). FraMeSToR has strong ties with FLAWL3SS and RVL (The Revolution Blu Ray release group) and as a result both these groups have release index threads on FHD forum.

Framestor index

At a glance, FraMeSToR-HD might look like yet another DDL forum but it’s not. In fact, this forum does not index any download links at all (actual releases are uploaded to either bit-HDTV (old) or HDME (new) ). This is more like a pre-release environment where upcoming releases are listed, checked and validated before being uploaded to a private tracker. Release threads on FHD maintains a list of upcoming FraMeSToR, FLAWL3SS and RVL encodes along with screenshots and full NFO. In addition, the ‘FraMeSToR HD’ section of the forums let you make requests, stay up to date on group news and even join FraMeSToR if you have the skills. The forum has a very good tutorials section which has plenty of useful resources on video encoding, playback guides and so on.

Registrations for FHD are currently open and interested members can instantly sign up for an account. It’s not a fully fledged direct download link forum as other sites mentioned in our DDL Forum section but if you are a fan of FraMeSToR, FLAWL3SS or RVL release groups, you might want to check this site out.

Site Name: FraMeSToR-HD (

Registration URL:

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  3. Mohit // 9/27/2010 06:24:00 AM  
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