Here’s is a quick update on the private HD torrent tracker After being closed for almost three months, HDME has once again opened signups to the public. If you didn’t manage to get in during the last open registration, now would be a good time to create an account. Anyways open signup isn’t the only good news coming from this tracker – HDME just got a huge boost to their internal encoding power with two renowned P2P release groups, FraMeSToR and FLAWL3SS, joining the tracker. Both of these groups are veterans in the video encoding scene and before partnering with HDME, FLAWL3SS used to release on IPTorrents (FLAWL3SS XViD and x264 SD releases will still be available on IPT) while FraMeSToR used to upload their releases on BIT-HDTV. Either way all of their releases will now be available on HDME.


Quoted below is a forum post by HDME SysOP – this pretty much sums up all there is to know about the partnership between HDME, FLAWL3SS and FRaMeSToR:

We have had talks with them for a while now, and they have finally decided to go Internal on HDME, which means today onwards you can find all of their releases on HDME. This also means all of FraMeSToR and FLAWL3SS releases will be free-leech. Also all of he HDME, INtl, PS3-TEAM encodes along with Packs and Bluray's will be free-leech.
FraMeSToR who specialize in high quality 1080p encodes & FLAWL3SS will be doing the 720p version of the same movie, that way users don't have to wait to get any version of their favorite  movie!
Now, that this is out, we would also like to announce a new addition to our staff, SirTranceALot! He is the founder of FraMeSToR and has now joined us as a staff here on HDME too.
We have added 5 new categories viz. HDME, INtl, PS3-TEAM, FraMeSToR, FLAWL3SS. All uploads to these categories are auto-freeleech, which means you do not have to wait for a staff to set it as freeleech!
We have more good news, signups on HDME are now open. Signups are open until tomorrow night (Tuesday) OR until we hit 25K members. After this we wont be having open signups for a very long time, so please let your friends and family know. Please note, dupe accounts will not be tolerated at all, and it will result in dupe account along with the main account getting banned. You have been warned!
You might have also noticed we have changed all the torrent category icons. In-case they have not updated for you clear your cache and try again. All thanks to 'Mercenary' for providing these icons.
Thank You
All of HDME Staff!

At the time this post was being written, HDME tracked 4500+ torrents and had a user base exceeding 18000 registered members. If you want to read more information about this site or see screenshots of its torrent index, we suggest you read the full HDME review which we recently posted. As mentioned in the quoted forum post (above) signups for this tracker are currently open. There are ~7000 free slots remaining but you might want to register quickly before the doors close on Tuesday.

Site Name: HDME (

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  1. midnight // 6/08/2010 07:14:00 AM  

    FLAWL3SS "used to" release on iPTorrents ??

    You're misinformed, FLAWL3SS is still releasing on iPT.

    Quote from FLAWL3SS's own post:
    "In order for us to complete the expansion of the HD portion of our group we will become HD Internal Encoders at for our x264 720p’s."

    It means that their XViD DVDRips and SD x264 will still be released on iPT.

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 6/08/2010 07:22:00 AM  


  3. TSS // 7/14/2010 06:49:00 AM  

    Any chance I could get an invite to HDME - I can swap a Demonoid acct if that interests you. Just wanna see what all this amazingness is I've heard of over there. Email is thesurfingsource2 on gmail. Thanks!