If you were looking forward to becoming a member of CartoonChaos (CC), here’s some good news. CC now has an official invite application set up on its website which potential invite seekers can use to get into the site. This site was not included in our recent ‘25 Private Trackers With IRC Recruitment & Invite Applications’ article as CC invite applications were not online by the time we made that post. For those who don’t know about this tracker, CartoonChaos is a specialized cartoon torrent tracker with both kids and mature cartoons. In fact, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best trackers out there for animated content. If you could not get into this tracker during their last open signup (which was back in March 2010), you now have another opportunity to join, without having to beg for invites from strangers.


In terms of statistics, CC it not really a huge private tracker – currently there are only around 1200 active members registered on the site. However, CC’s main attraction is the diverse, uncommon content it tracks. You can find over 2500 torrents of cartoons, anime, animated movies, sound tracks and even cartoon theme tunes here. In addition to individual releases, there are a ton of complete series packs as well as full season packs indexed on CC. If you are looking for more information on this tracker, we strongly recommend you read our recent review of this site which can be found here (includes screenshots).

Coming back to invite applications, the app itself is fairly simple. It’s basically a set of standard questions and the usual request for profile links from trackers you are already a member of – Overall this is one of the less complicated invite applications out there and should not take you more than just a few minutes to complete.

Site Name: CartoonChaos (http://www.cartoonchaos.org)

Invite Applications URL: http://www.cartoonchaos.org/index.php?page=inviterequest

Full Review: [Click Here]

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  1. Chenming // 6/23/2010 03:32:00 AM  

    CC is very easy to join if your application is well-written, and your enthusiasm is important!