Since we were talking about R5 movie release dates earlier, here’s a forum that you can use to check for updated R5 dates yourself. PeerAccess (formerly known as TorrentGeek) is a discussion forum which focuses on multiple topics including BitTorrent, direct downloads and several other themes related to online file sharing in general. Among the site’s many forum categories is a section dedicated to movie release dates. This section seems to be frequently updated and well maintained. PeerAcces however is not merely a discussion forum. It offers direct download links for a limited number of movies too. In fact, this site is home to P2P relase group T0XiC, a team of encoders who have released several CAM, TS and DVDRip movies.


PeerAccess is not one of those huge forums where there are thousands of members - It’s a small community which’s existence is largely in the unknown. However, the administration seems to be a determined bunch who want to recruit more members and increase site activity.

As for the threads you’ll find on PeerAccess, the site deals with multiple topics. Most of the discussions are focused on private torrent trackers, open signups, tracker reviews, bonus points giveaways and so on. However, one of the main attractions of PA is it’s release dates section. This is where you can find updated R5, R1, R2 DVD release dates for popular movies.

PeerAccess Release Dates

These threads seem to be updated and cleaned up at least once a week. In addition, PA is home to TOXiC – a p2p release group who are responsible for leaking several movies online. PA indexes direct download links to most (if not all) T0XiC releases (and there is a thread where you can apply and become an encoder of the group). DDL Links for several non-TOXIC releases are indexed in the ‘Browser Torrents’ section of the site.

Registrations for PeerAccess are currently open. It may not be the most active forum out there as it’s still in the growing phase. You can check the site out for yourself by creating an account.

Site Name: PeerAccess (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to jacko for the head’s up.


  1. chris2603 // 6/04/2010 07:48:00 AM  

    ZetaBoards! oh wow now thats quality!


    brb off to make my own forum too :)

  2. BV // 6/04/2010 08:48:00 AM  

    @chris2603 - sarcasm or not, tbh most normal people dont really care what 'board' a site is hosted on do they?
    From my experience, the members of PeerAccess are very friendly & pretty cool, and are more interested in getting information on the latest scene & P2P releases FIRST - simple as that.
    Even tho its not your prefered 'board host' chris2603, i'm sure you'd be made welcome if u wanted to sign-up at PA - but its an up-n-coming site on the scene, so might be worth gettin in quick while doors are still open. ;)

  3. Jim // 6/04/2010 08:28:00 PM  

    Already a member. Great Site. I use the R5 release date list and their R1 release list which are very well updated and haven't seen a site that is more on top of there release info. Must say too they have a great community. I always check the shouts box cause you'll get info on certain releases before they hit private sites. Great up to minute release log. I would recommend this site. Very handy

  4. :We Got The Antidote // 6/05/2010 12:00:00 AM  

    We have a server and are working on a new site using vBulletin, it will still have the same name and address.

    So dont dog the site due to the host because better is soon to come

    "its in the works"

  5. Dan Smith // 6/11/2010 07:20:00 AM  
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