Recruiting new members into private torrent trackers via IRC interviews and invite applications has become quite popular in the past couple of years. In fact there are sites out there which never had an open signup but relied on these methods to build their entire user bases. This article lists 25 private torrent trackers that give away invites on their IRC channels or currently have open online invite applications. The list includes all sorts of sites including those which focus on music, television shows, audiobooks, science fiction and fantasy content, business eBooks, DVD and Blu Ray movies, PC/Console games, software, anime, etc. Around 10 of the torrent sites featured in the post are powered by Gazelle codebase, the new generation torrent tracker script pioneered by Either way open signups are no longer the only way into a private tracker – if you want to become a member of any of these sites, you can now either apply online or visit their IRC channel to get invited for free.

As always, it’s highly recommended that you read the Full Review (linked-to beneath the description of each entry) of a torrent site before you attempt to pursue invites. The review should tell you exactly what sort of content is available on a particular tracker and you’ll be able to deduce whether you really need that site or not. Additionally, the full review usually contains screenshots and tracker specific instructions on invite request process. When requesting an invite IRC channels, always follow the instructions given in channel topic. Keep in mind that you might have to idle on channels for some time if staff are not available to start the interview. Time zone differences, the number of invite requests, etc can affect staff availability and when they aren’t around it’s important that you wait patiently without spamming the channels.

KillaWaves (KWS)
Site Name: KillaWaves (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Stats: 3700+ torrents
Description: KillaWaves (better known as KWS) is a Gazelle based private BitTorrent tracker that specializes in Drum and Bass (DnB), Oldskool, Jungle, Ambient, Techno, Garage and Dubstep music.
Full Review: [Click Here]

ScienceHD (SciHD)
Site Name: ScienceHD (
Invite Application URL:
Stats: 2200+ users and 4600+ torrents
Description: ScienceHD is an excellent gazelle based private tracker for Science Fiction TV & documentary torrents. “Mad scientists await your arrival” :p
Full Review: [Click Here]

Merlin (ML)
Site Name: Merlin or ML
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Stats: 900+ Torrents
Description: Merlin (or ML) is a relatively new private torrent site that indexes movies, TV shows and music that belong to Science Fiction / Fantasy genres. ML is a project by the veteran crew behind ACiD.
Full Review: [Click Here]

The Vault
The Vault 
Site Name: The Vault (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Invite Application URL: 
Stats: 18000+ torrents
Description: The Vault is a private tracker that focuses primarily on money making (both online and offline) and business. Niche private tracker with some very rare content.
Full Review: [Click Here]

ShareTheRemote (STR)
Share The Remote
Site Name: Share The Remote (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Stats: 4800+ torrents and 7300 users
Description: ShareTheRemote is a new Gazelle based TV torrent tracker indexing episodes from over 1000 different television shows.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: BTN
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Stats: ~5000 users and 12750+ torrents
Description: BTN is without a doubt one of the best new private trackers to be launched in 2009/2010 period. This feature rich TV tracker has everything; good content, fast pre times and excellent download speeds. Read the full review for more information.
Full Review: [Click Here]

torrentsRmine (tRm)
Site Name: torrentsRmine (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Stats: 580 members and 1150+ torrents
Description: torrentsRmine is a private tracker for TV talk shows, crime/drama/lifestyle series and documentaries. tRm is a niche TV tracker and indexes content sometimes not even found on leading sites such as BitMeTV or All torrents on free leech until 31 December 2010.
Full review + More Information: [Click Here]

Save The Coratee (STC)
Save The Coratee
Site Name: Save The Coratee (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Stats: 3600+ users and ~4900 torrents
Description: Save The Coratee (STC) is a must have tracker for all Apple Mac, iPhone or iPod users. This ratio free private tracker indexes software, games, tutorial videos and even books and magazines for both Mac OS and iPhone. Based on Gazelle codebase.
Full Review: [Click Here]

The Occult
The Occult 
Site Name: The Occult (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Invite Application URL
Stats: 1250+ torrents
Description: The Occult has some of the most unusual & uncommon torrent categories ever seen on a private tracker (Mythology, Scientology, Drugs, Shamanism, Astrology to name a few). It specializes in torrents related to various cults, ways of living, religions, healing and so on.
Full Review: [Click Here]

ACiD (AL)  
Site Name: ACiD
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Stats: 19000 users and 8000+ torrents
Description: ACiD is a closed private tracker for General/0day releases. This community based site has been online for more than 4 years. Indexes scene + non scene content and releases unique to this tracker. 
Full review + More Information: [Click Here]

Site Name: Sparvar (
Invite Application URL:
Translated Version of Invite Application:
Description:  Sparvar is an excellent untouched DVDR and Blu Ray torrent tracker that saw phenomenal growth in 2009. While the site is pretty good, getting in could be difficult specially for users who are new to private trackers.
Full review + More Information: [Click Here]

Broken Stones 
Site Name: BrokenStones (
Invites Site:
Description: Brokenstones is probably the most popular specialized Mac tracker. Definitely a must have site if you own an Apple product.
Stats: 5000+ users
Tracker Specific Instructions: Yes. Refer to this article.

AnimeBytes (AB) 
Site Name: AnimeBytes (
Invite Applicaiton URL
Stats: 3500+ users and ~8800 torrents
Description: AnimeBytes is a specialized anime torrent tracker. Runs of a customized version of Gazelle codebase and has some really nice site features in addition to the decently sized torrent index.
Full review + More Information: [Click Here]

Site Name: TorrentTech (
Type: TorrentTech is a huge electronic music tracker with lots of torrents and active members. If you are an EDM fan, check this out.
Stats: 3500+ members
IRC Channel: (requires java)
Tracker Specific Instructions: No. But reading the TT rules is strongly recommended. It may take a long time to actually get invited.

Site Name: What.CD (
Type: Do we really need to say anything more? Pretty much everyone knows what this is. What.CD is the largest private music torrent tracker out there.
Invites IRC Channel: irc://
Tracker Specific Instructions: Yes and if you try to get an invite without reading these first, there is a high likelihood of failure.

CoExist (CE) 
Site Name: CoExist (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Stats: 8200+ torrents and 2000+ users 
Description: CoExist is a ratio free music torrent with English music albums. Runs on a heavily customized TBDEV codebase with lots of add-ons.
Full review + More Information: [Click Here]

My Anonamouse  
Site Name: My Anonamouse (
Invite Application URL:
Stats: 33000+ users and ~37000 torrents
Description: My Anonamouse is simply one of the best online resources to download audio books. Apart from the tons of AudioBooks, there are quite a few E-books indexed as well. Friendly staff and nice community in addition to great content makes this an excellent private tracker.  
Full review + More Information: [Click Here]

Site Name: Jambands (
Invite request Email: invites[at]jambands[dot]fm (Read this for more information)
Description: Jambands is a new torrent site that focuses on media related to live music and concerts. Runs on Gazelle codebase.
Full review + More Information: [Click Here]

PackMe.In (PiN) 
Site Name: (
Invite Application URL:
Stats: 1175+ packs
Description: Packme.In is a ratio free packs only torrent tracker. You won’t find any individual releases here but if packs is what you are looking for, this is the place to go. 
Full Review: [Click Here]

Wild-Bytes (WB)
Wild Bytes 
Site Name: WIld Bytes (
Invite Application URL:
Description: Wild Bytes is another veteran General/0Day torrent tracker that’s been around for many years.
Full Review: [Click Here] – this review is very old (2008)

FreeTheScene (FTS)
Site Name: Free The Scene (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Stats: 3300+ torrents and 3600+ members
Description: FreeTheScene is a General/0Day torrent tracker based on Gazelle codebase. This site recently went ratio free.
Full Review: [Click Here]

ChronicTracker (CT)
Chronic Tracker
Site Name: ChronicTracker (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Description: ChronicTracker is a long standing private tracker for general content.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: PTFiles (
Invite Channel URL:
Description: PTFiles, which is a reincarnation of now defunct Phoenix-Torrent,is a General/0day torrent tracker indexing scene and non scene content.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: bitGamer (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
Description: bitGAMER is a dedicated games torrent tracker that tracks games for multiple platforms. Currently running on TBDEV codebase but will soon migrate to gazelle.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Underground Gamer (UG)
Underground Game
Site Name: Underground Gamer (
Invite Channel URL: irc://
: bitGAMER’s sister site. Unlike BG, underground Gamer focuses more on retro games – there’s a good collection of them on this tracker. Includes ROMs & emulation related stuff as well. .

We have in the past posted several similar lists of trackers that give away invites via IRC. However this is an updated post which only includes sites that are currently live and have open invites. Several new trackers have been added, older, inactive ones removed and statistics, invite channel URLs and IRC info have also been updated over the previous articles. Torrent sites that did not wish to be publicly named were not included in the article. If you know any other sites that engage in IRC/invite applications recruitment, feel free to share the info in comments.


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    Great article, thanks as always ! :)

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    hope you can ask for an invite in the main channel of the bitspyder too.


  3. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 6/08/2010 11:02:00 PM  

    When we posted about BitSpyder before, their IRC channel apparently got overflowed with hundreds of users requesting invites and their staff weren't too pleased with it. So we didnt want to include the tracker in this post without their permission.

  4. soumya // 6/09/2010 01:01:00 AM  
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    It really sucks that has banned India. Any workarounds?

  6. h // 6/09/2010 01:28:00 AM  

    @soumya. Emigrate?

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  10. Josh // 6/11/2010 12:41:00 AM  

    @soumya, all you have to do is get a seedbox or VPS not located in a banned country. You can get some seedbox packages that are less than $20 a month. Cheap VPS's can be found at