BTN has opened IRC interviews once again. This popular TV torrent tracker has so far managed to justify the huge hype it received during launch. In fact, we can boldly declare that BTN is one of the most innovative and feature rich private torrent trackers to be launched during the 2009 – 2010 period. This specialized ratio free TV torrent tracker has great content, good download speeds and of course, very fast pre times. Despite being an excellent torrent site, BTN is not out of reach of the average BitTorrent user. Although it remained completely closed (no user invites and closed down invite applications) for several months, this tracker is once again accepting new members through an IRC interview process.

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If you’ve been browsing BitTorrent forums such as TPS or FST recently, you may have stumbled across threads which compare BTN to the likes of BitMeTV, TVTorrents.Com and Freshon.TV, the leading TV trackers in the world. This prompted us to check some statistics from these sites - here’s how BTN compares to other leading trackers of the same niche, in terms of number of users and active torrents:

Tracker No. Of Torrents No. Of Users
BTN 14000 4350
BitMeTV 25600 21700
TVTorrents.Com 16000 56000?
Freshon.TV 10200 21000?

Is this tracker really the king of TV torrent sites? Not quite, but it’s definitely getting there. As you can see from the table above, BTN’s main ‘weakness’ compared to other sites is the lack of users. Existing members of the site would know that this isn’t too much of a problem but the current open interviews should help expand the user base in any case. Also remember that we’re comparing a tracker that’s only a few months old with some of the oldest private trackers in the BitTorrent scene. BitMeTV for instance is over 5 years old. Anyways one thing is clear – BTN has done exceptionally well in the short period of time it’s been online (oh and in terms of site usability features, BTN beats the hell out of all other sites mentioned above).

BTN Index

Since our last mention of the site, BTN has added several great new features. Once of the most attractive of these is the autouploader bot – this means that more scene releases will be added to the tracker at even faster pre times. A number of other usability features including enhanced search, Actors page, TV news page, improvements to series pages and series lists pages, 1 new skin (woodenglass), etc have also been introduced. For a detailed account of BTN’s features and screenshots, we suggest you check out this article.

As mentioned in the title of this post, IRC interviews are now open. The interview itself is not likely to take a lot of time but due to heavy demand, you may have to wait in a pretty long queue. IRC channel details and a few other helpful resources are listed below:

Channel: #BTN-Invites
Direct Link: irc://
BTN Interview Tips:
Connectivity Check:
mIRC Tutorial: [Click Here]

Special thanks to ‘bob sagat’ for sending us the news firsthand.

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  1. Steve // 5/13/2010 02:33:00 AM  

    I was able to take the interview last night and it was pretty fast... I had about 30 people in front of me and took about an hour. But once i got in i liked it. The people are friendly and the staff is nice. (from what i have seen so far). The speeds are the torrents are good too. You should try and get into this tracker while you still can its a good one to have.

  2. Ankur // 5/15/2010 09:12:00 AM  

    True.. I got into it in their last open sign up.. The site rocks.. Love it.. Its gonna definitely overtake BitmeTV soon.. Get in while you can!

  3. Anonymous // 5/15/2010 12:49:00 PM  

    Everyone should check out three shows on the site. SKINS, MISFITS, and American Dreams

  4. microd20 // 5/17/2010 02:46:00 PM  

    Great HD Site:

    For a good seedbox: