Here on FILEnetworks Blog, we talk about video games a lot. In fact, our PC Games section is equally popular as our private trackers section and brings in a lot of traffic to the site every day. Hence, we have reason to believe that an article about another specialized games torrent tracker would generate positive responses from our readers. GazelleGames is a private tracker that indexes games for DOS/Windows PC, XBOX, XBOX360, Playstation 1,2,3, PSP, Nintendo 64, Wii, iPhone and lots of other gaming platforms available today. Running on the shiny new Gazelle RC2 codebase, GGn has so far shown great results in design, content and community aspects of the site and seems to be one of those few trackers that have a positive outlook for the future.


Ever since we heard news of GGn (back when it was in beta), we’ve been in touch with it’s SysOP/Recruiters who kept us up to date on the progress of the site. One thing we could clearly see was that site staff were really passionate about what they were doing - they were not is a rush to start yet another games tracker and be done with it, they wanted GGn to stand out from the rest. It would be unfair to compare GazelleGames to leading games trackers such as bitGAMER and BCG since it’s only been a few days since the site has gone public. However, they already do boast an impressive set of site features that can even rival well established BitTorrent trackers –listed below are some of them (parts quoted from official GGn review on their forums):

  • Game Reviews (GamePedia) - We are not only a Games tracker but we also supplement the content with comprehensive reviews of games that you might like to check out. Supplied by members, each review is analyzed by the staff to make sure it is of top-notch quality. Also, on that note, submitting a review to the site has its incentives...(think freeleech on ALL platforms for said game as well as a few GB's of upload for yourself).
  • GGn Wiki- Have a thirst for more knowledge? Check out our Wiki articles and quench that thirst. You can read up on about everything from how to build your ratio, to information on the scene. Have information to share? Create your own wiki article and share it with our users!
  • Games - We aim to please when it comes to content you are looking for. Yes we are new, and somewhat lacking in content...but don't let that fool you. Our uploaders have a priority upload list which includes the Top 1000 Games list, including old and rare gems, as well as new releases. We are also getting an auto-upload script working so that we can get those great pre-times that so many of you have learned to love!
  • IRC - We have active irc channels if you would like to join in and share info with other IRC members, and you can also get some "behind the scene" info on current site news.
  • Community - The biggest aspect of the site we pride ourselves on is the community. From friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff, we are also chock-full of members who are as passionate about games as you are. We love to talk gaming, and by checking out the forums and IRC channels, it really shows. We have a very welcoming community that absolutely love gaming, so join in on the fun!

Add to these the great navigation, organization and search features provided by Gazelle RC2 and you have a great looking specialized private tracker on your hands. The screenshot below shows part of GGn’s torrent index:

GazelleGames Index

GGn publicly launched just two days ago after an extended beta phase. Although it was invite only during the beta, signups have now been opened to facilitate further expansion. The site has so far done really well with around 1000 new members signing up and ~200 torrents uploaded during the short period of time it’s been online. Open signups will continue until GGn reaches its current user limit of 5000 – if you are someone used to downloading games over BitTorrent, don’t forget to check this site out. You get 1.5GB free upload credit upon signup and all new torrents have free leech for the first 6 hours they are alive.

Site Name: GazelleGames (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Daedy, t4nk and rest of GGn staff for the heads up.


  1. Brunaldo // 5/29/2010 02:44:00 PM  
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  2. Steve // 5/29/2010 10:06:00 PM  

    Im glad GGn Is getting this much attention. I have been in the beta for a while now and iv seen it improve greatly and i cant wait to see what it will have to offer in the future.

  3. LIW Team // 5/31/2010 09:25:00 PM  

    nice work :)

  4. anurag // 8/27/2010 04:14:00 PM  
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