In most countries, the 1st of May is a holiday (International Workers' Day) – China is one of those countries that celebrate this holiday to the fullest. It’s no wonder that even Chinese BitTorrent trackers are joining the party by opening registrations; HDStar, a private torrent tracker based in China, has opened signups to the public for a limited time. HDS is an excellent resource to find and download high definition content including movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries and even anime. Although it’s based on China, the site is packed with English content and users even have the option to change site interface language to English. If you are a fan of HD content, go ahead and register for a free account before the user limit is reached.


HDStar is not a new tracker and this is not the first time it is being mentioned on FILEnetworks Blog. We featured it back in last August when it had another open signup. Anyways the point is HDS is a well established tracker in the BT community in the same league as other popular China based HD trackers such HDChina, CHDBits, CCFBits, HDCity, OURDiSC (open) and HDRoad. HDS currently has 9400+ registered users and tracks 12000+ torrents. Seeder/leecher activity is great on this site with popular torrents having 50+ uploaders. Download speeds are also pretty good.

As the name suggests, HDStar is primarily a HD content tracker. You can find a lot of 1080p/720p full Blu-Ray movies (including some massive torrents which weigh over 45GB for a single movie), DVDRs, HDTV shows and other x264 encoded content on this site. Both scene releases as well as HD encodes by P2P groups such as HDS, CHD, MySiLU, WiKi and lots more are indexed. Screenshot below shows part of HDS’s torrent index as well as some of the available torrent/video format categories:

HDStar index

As you can see the torrent index has color coded torrents – a different background color means the torrent is either free leech, 2x up, 2x up and free, 50% download recorded, 2x up + 50% download recorded, etc. Information on which colors mean which benefits can be found at the bottom of Browse.php page. By allocating such bonuses to torrents, HDS promotes their motto ‘Leeching them is the best way to fix your ratio!’.

Although HDStar is currently open for signup, don’t expect the doors to be open for much longer. The site currently has a user limit of 10000 members and that only leaves around 400 more free spots remaining (at the time this post is being written). So, if you are a lover of HD content, go ahead and sign up for an account without wasting any more time.

Site Name: HDStar (

Signup URL:

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  1. arko // 5/02/2010 12:49:00 AM  

    The current user account limit has been reached. Inactive accounts are pruned all the time, please check back again later...

  2. zoomby // 5/02/2010 10:23:00 AM  

    hmm I m able 2 signup :)

  3. Thevil // 5/02/2010 11:30:00 AM  

    It only lets you register with a gmail address: "you could only signup with email from those domains:"

    I wonder why.

  4. Chris R M // 5/02/2010 01:32:00 PM  

    The user limit has been raised to 15000.

  5. midnight // 5/04/2010 06:18:00 PM  

    The whole site is bugged for now, it can't be accessed because of a too high server load.

    When trying to access the login page you get 30 lines like this one:
    Warning: Memcache::get() [function.Memcache-get]: Failed to extract 'connection' variable from object in /home/hdstar/www/classes/class_cache.php on line 406

  6. Marcelo // 3/01/2011 07:32:00 PM  

    hdstar open signup