Looking for a general/0day private torrent tracker without ratio? Try FreeTheScene (FTS). FTS, a BitTorrent tracker based on Gazelle codebase, has removed its ratio system and has switched into a no-ratio model. FTS was a ratio based torrent site ever since its inception more than a year ago and this sudden move comes as a bit of a surprise. Anyways it’s a pretty well established medium sized tracker with a decent amount of content and going ratio free might just increase their user base by luring all those ‘no ratio’ fans in. Signups are not directly open but interested readers can ask for an invite on their official IRC invites channel.

freethescene logo

As of 23/5/2010, FTS tracks around 3300 active torrents (4600 total) and has a registered user base of 3600+ members. When this site started it did not use the Gazelle codebase at first – the migration happened sometime later back in early 2009. FTS was in fact among the first few private trackers to switch to this now famous codebase that has won the hearts of many torrenters.

As you can guess from the name, Free The Scene is a General/0Day private tracker. This means you can find all sorts of content ranging from movies to games here. FTS however is not a scene only tracker – non scene releases including exclusive packs are also indexed. At time of this posting, they had around 100 unique packs indexed. Anyways FTS seems to be ‘celebrating’ switching to ratio free mode pretty hard. Have a look at the graphic below:

Free The Scene Ratio Free

As the poster above states, you now only need to seed all downloaded torrents for a minimum of 72 hours. The actual amount of data you upload during this time does not matter. Downloaded and uploaded data is still calculated but there is now no such thing as a global ratio.

FTS used to open signups at random times in the past but such open registrations have been scarce in the past few months. However, if you are interested in joining, an invite can be obtained from their official invites IRC channel.

Server: irc.freethescene.net
Channel: #fts-invite
Direct Link: irc://irc.freethescene.net/fts-invite
New to IRC?: [Click Here] for a brief mIRC tutorial

Once logged into the channel, do as the channel topic says.

Special thanks to Jhonson for the heads up and ckpro for opening the invites channel for our readers.


  1. zoomby // 5/23/2010 11:21:00 AM  

    3000 Active torrent
    1000 packs.

    hmm nice.

  2. TEAM FILEnetworks // 5/23/2010 03:42:00 PM  

    Actually there was a typo in the post. It's around 100 packs.