If you have been downloading stuff from BitTorrent trackers, one click hosting sites, Usenet or any other medium, you probably are familiar with NFO files. NFO files are used by the scene and P2P groups to communicate important release information, group news and other miscellaneous details that may be related to your download. NFOs are also used for communication between scene groups – for example SceneNotices and Scene rule sets. NFOMATION is a new free service that probably is the world’s first dedicated .NFO file host. It lets you upload NFO files, share the link with others and even renders the NFO along with ASCII art and other gizmos without harming its readability.


I’ve seen folks upload NFO files to services like PasteBin, etc only to get them screwed up with line numbering and several other quirks. With NFOMATION you will no longer run into these annoyances. In fact the service’s description in the ‘about’ page reads “ NFOmation is an upload and rendering service for 'fancy' text files called iNFO files. It is not an PasteBin”.

How NFOMATION works is pretty simple – you visit the service’s homepage and upload any NFO file. The service will then take you to a page that will render the NFO online. You can share the URL of this page on internet forums, chat rooms, IRC channels or wherever you like. Folks who visit the page will see the NFO file’s content’s along with ASCII graphics, etc in tact – in fact there will even be several options to customize the visual feel such as ‘Image View’, ‘Dos Text View’ and ‘Win Text View’. Viewers will not be required to download any files unless they specifically choose to do so – in which case it’s possible through the ‘Download’ button.


The service is currently in public beta and supports uploading of files with .NFO and .txt extensions. Maximum file size is limited to 300kb. Next time you have an NFO file to share with others, don’t upload it to PasteBin (or upload it to any generic file host for that matter) – use NFOMATION :p

[Click Here] to visit NFOMATION Homepage

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  1. Veracity // 5/04/2010 05:33:00 PM  

    Hey, I was wondering if you knew the IRC channel for disabled accounts for BTN?

  2. Anders // 5/04/2010 05:57:00 PM  

    @ Veracity #BTN-Disabled