There are two types of torrent sites; trackers that are overhyped and trackers that are underrated. SceneFX belongs to the latter category. It’s a General/0Day torrent tracker based in Romania. You always hear of LastTorrents (Open), TorrentBits (Open), Freshon.TV, Docs Torrents, iPlay, etc whenever ‘great’ Romanian trackers are discussed but a lot of folks seem to leave SceneFZ (SFZ) out. It’s a little surprising since SFZ itself is a pretty decent private tracker with a huge user base (compared to other similar sites) and a content rich torrent index with a lot of individual releases and packs. SFX usually requires a SMS Code (some type of subscription based service) to register but free signup is now possible for users all over the world for a limited time.

SceneFz logo

This is not the first time we are featuring SFZ on this blog – our long time readers should know about this site well enough. Anyways SceneFZ is a pretty old tracker which has been around since 2006. During these 4+ years, they’ve managed to recruit 63000+ active users which is a colossal number by private tracker standards. The active torrent count is also high, with SFZ indexing 19000+ active torrents as of 16/5/2010.

Despite being a tracker with Romanian origins, vast majority of torrents indexed in SFZ are English. This includes both scene and non scene releases. Types and amount of indexed content according to site homepage is as follows:

1,801 Games
10,804 Movies
3,687 Music
1,331 Software
1,720 Other categories

For those who care about packs, there are plenty of them here apart from individual uploads. Internal releases unique and exclusive to this tracker can be identified by ‘SFZ’ and ‘SceneFZ’ tags at the end of torrent title. Screenshot below highlights some of the torrent packs on found on SFZ:

SceneFZ Packs

One thing I don’t particularly like about SFZ is it’s interface. The default theme looks uncommon but at times it appears a little cluttered with flash based ‘buy credits’ ads, PM notification pop ups, etc. Thankfully, there are 12 different themes to choose from and between these you should be able to find something that will not hurt your eyes (theme can be changed using the left sidebar). There are advanced search features built into the site but these will only reveal themselves if you click on the ‘Complex Search’ button near the torrent page numbers (beneath the ‘buy credits’ banner).

Signup for SFZ is currently open. Note that this tracker rarely opens its doors (usually once or twice a year) so make use of the opportunity. Open registrations will continue till the 17th of May.

Site Name: SceneFZ (

Signup URL: Go to, accept the agreement and choose ‘Sign up’ from the left pane.


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