We have lots of good news lined up in the BitTorrent front and here’s the first of those stories. As we have previously highlighted, the BT community has a serious lack of specialized trackers when it comes to comic books. Leading comics trackers such as ZCultFM, CTT, AnimaTooniC, etc have shut down and comics fans nowadays don’t have many options apart from H33T, Demonoid, Bibliotik & ComicPirates (Of course, there are plenty of DDL forums for this purpose but we’re talking about BitTorrent sites here). Anyways the good news is that we’ve seen the birth of a brand new comics tracker; ComicBT. For those interested, this site is currently open for registrations and new signups are now being accepted.

CBT Comic Book Tracker

ComicBT is a very young site in the BitTorrent scene. There aren’t many folks who even know of its existence yet. This is not because CBT is a super secret, l33t tracker but because it’s not a crazily hyped up site (and it has received zero publicity so far). CBT currently has only 30 registered users and 42 indexed torrents but we believe small, niche trackers such as this should be promoted despite their size or popularity - there is great potential for growth here.

First thing you’ll notice after logging into CBT will be the site’s theme. The default theme which has a lot of green color has a very comic-book like feel to it (the site still seems to be in final stages of development so there may be bugs present). They have an impressive list of categories including categories sorted by major comic book publishers and if they can fill out those ‘Packs’ sections it would add real value to this site.


ComicBT has a bonus system in place and comes with all other standard features TBDEV 2009 source has to offer. Note that there are wait times for this tracker. However this should not affect you maintaining a good ratio as all torrents on site are free leech till 27th of May.

Signups for ComicBT are currently open. While it’s too early to predict the future of this tracker, signup may be worth it if you are a serious comic book fan.

Site Name: ComicBT (http://comicbt.com)

Signup URL: http://comicbt.com/signup.php

Special thanks to Squills (ComicBT SysOP) who invited us in and let us know about this tracker.

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  1. irraban // 5/22/2010 06:16:00 PM  


    Don't forget, he's (squills) an awesome coder ;)

  2. qishaya // 6/21/2010 11:28:00 AM  
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  3. Glen // 6/24/2010 06:22:00 PM  

    Aww, I like all post!..

    btw after a month were up to 1125 members once we reach 2000 open signups are closed :(


  4. adrian // 7/26/2010 04:10:00 PM  

    great site, very helpful site, and has a large amount of comics, great help to read up on all your favorite heroes, especially before the films come out

  5. buyi // 7/29/2010 01:34:00 PM  
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  6. nicholas // 8/12/2010 02:46:00 AM  

    great site...it has become my new home

  7. redrum801 // 8/24/2010 12:51:00 PM  

    anyway i can get an invite ??? please :)

  8. Dharmender Kalra // 9/08/2010 09:03:00 PM  

    May anyone provide me the invite key for comicbt.com & cpturbo.org?

    on my email dharmenderkumarkalra@yahoo.com


  9. Mark // 9/24/2010 05:11:00 AM  

    Could use an invite too! Send to: docfake@gmail.com

  10. Murdoc M. // 9/30/2010 03:56:00 AM  

    Can I get an invite too? thenumber13@gmail.com

  11. Zack // 10/02/2010 02:43:00 AM  

    big comic book fan. Want to become a player in the comic book torrent game. I would love to answer any questions a member with invite privlidges would have to see I'm legit and eager to help the community email me at saldizac@gmail.com

  12. Greg // 10/07/2010 09:02:00 AM  

    can i get an invite so I can join?


  13. Małgorzata // 10/12/2010 12:42:00 AM  
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  14. Maciej // 10/12/2010 12:48:00 AM  

    Please send invite to: roni913@gmail.com if you have.

  15. Rosalyn Fay // 10/16/2010 05:20:00 AM  

    I have a very desireable tracker membership to exchange for a comicbt one, if you know WHAT torrent I mean

  16. CJ // 10/21/2010 12:24:00 PM  

    Would love to have an invite you can email me at crobjr7@aol.com in return if you don't have one I can send a invite to demonoid.com

  17. Anonymous // 11/12/2010 10:03:00 AM  

    Would love an invite as well. SlinkyNJm@gmail.com

  18. Joe // 12/17/2010 05:15:00 AM  

    Looking fot an invite to ComicBt I have over 60gb to share please send invite to jriblett@msn.com thanks in advance

  19. shokk // 1/25/2011 03:55:00 AM  

    Looking to join

  20. Melissa // 2/28/2011 12:02:00 AM  

    I have a lot of files I would be happy to share. please send an invite to dfineberg@mac.com

  21. masha_masha_masha // 4/11/2011 05:08:00 AM  

    Invite please? anthony.nardi@gmail.com

  22. davidaarong // 4/14/2011 05:37:00 AM  

    invite pls -- highrize@gmail.com

  23. Björn // 5/21/2011 06:22:00 PM  

    I´ll be your humble slave for a day for an invite. gejbel@gmail.com at your service!

  24. Pop! // 5/27/2011 10:02:00 PM  

    Can I get an invitation as well, pleeeeze?


  25. Shadow // 6/07/2011 04:19:00 AM  

    I would absolutely love an invite as well: Shadowinvite@gmail.com

  26. jashah17 // 6/18/2011 01:06:00 AM  

    I would really like an invite i also have alot to offer.


  27. ToJPhantom // 6/18/2011 09:47:00 PM  

    An invite would be greatly appreciated!

    tojphantom @ gmail . com

  28. Lazzeri // 8/02/2011 06:31:00 AM  

    Invitation would be really appreciated. :-)


    Thanks in advance!

  29. b0b0mite // 8/03/2011 07:31:00 AM  

    please please please invite!

  30. stlcomicgeek // 8/10/2011 04:43:00 AM  

    I would love to have an invite too stlcomicgeeks@gmail.com

  31. Hal // 11/15/2011 07:36:00 PM  

    It would be great if I could also get an invite!



  32. Zen // 2/02/2012 06:18:00 AM  

    is it possible to get an invite. spyads@gmail.com.

  33. Anonymous // 3/25/2012 11:13:00 AM  

    Can you please send an invite to thameera123@gmail.com ? Thanks in advance!

  34. Davi // 4/30/2012 08:38:00 PM  

    Could anyone send me an invite to ComicBT? my e-mail is: davipbl@gmail.com


  35. GABBA // 5/16/2012 08:53:00 PM  

    jay78249@gmail.com if anyone can plz??? thanks

  36. Cesias // 8/13/2012 01:51:00 PM  

    how can I get an invitation?
    Or could anyone send me an invite to ComicBT?
    btw: t.cesias@seznam.cz

  37. Léo Torres // 8/14/2012 08:58:00 AM  

    I loved this tracker, Even made the favicon they use until this day.

    Unfortunatey, I stayed away for too long and my acount was purged.

    If anyone from comicbt sees this, please help me out!


  38. chaddick88 // 8/23/2012 09:44:00 AM  

    Anyone have an invite left? I have an invite to videoseed for trade if anyone is interested.


  39. Mr. Covington // 8/29/2012 08:55:00 AM  

    It'd be great if I could get an invite. My email is plugart@gmail.com