We’ve posted about many private torrent trackers here on FILEnetworks Blog but this is the first post about a specialized comics torrent tracker. At a glance, Z-Cult FM may not look like a BitTorrent tracker at all. The site’s design implies it to be nothing more than a comics releases and reviews index. However only a few people know that Z-Cult FM indexes and tracks several thousand comic book torrents – a great resource for comic lovers indeed!

z-cult fm tracker comics

Z-Cult FM is quite a large community with over 84000 registered members (the number of active members may be lower). The exact number of torrents tracked by Z-Cult’s BitTorrent trackers is unknown. Most of the comic books that can be downloaded comprise of scanned .jpeg images packed into Comic Book Archive (.CBR, .CBZ, etc) file formats (how to open). Visual quality is usually excellent on these releases.

There was a time when DCP and Marvel comics were removed from this tracker due to legal threats. These releases can now be found on the site once again but they are no longer hosted nor tracked by Z-Cult. Instead, .torrent files for DCP/Marvel comics are stored and tracked by ComicPirates tracker (http://comicpirates.info). Z-Cult merely indexes these releases which are usually posted by the ‘Comic Pirates release bot’.

How to unlock the BitTorrent trackers section and download torrents from Z-Cult FM

Z-Cult FM homepage can be found at http://www.zcultfm.com/. This is merely a index that shows latest comic book releases. There are no torrents here so you can stop looking for torrent links beneath each comic book post. A new visitor to the site will only see a reviews section and a discussion forum for comics releases. But that is not all Z-Cult FM is about:

comics pirates releases

To unlock the BitTorrent trackers section on Z-Cult FM, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Z-Cult FM forums located at http://www.zcultfm.com/~comic/
  2. Register for a new account using the ‘register’ option (http://www.zcultfm.com/~comic/profile.php?mode=register)
  3. Verify and login with your newly created account. You will still not be able to view the torrents section – you need to post at least 1 forum post.
  4. Head to the ‘Introduce Yourself’ section. Make a post there to get your post count to 1.
  5. Now go back to the main index. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the ‘Cult Torrent Section’ and ‘Cult Direct Download Links’ forums :)

Latest comic torrent releases can be found under ‘Newest Submissions” category in Cult Torrent Section. RapidShare and other one click hosting links to comics can be found in ‘Cult Direct Download Links’ section. Use the search feature if you are looking for a particular release.

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