After a long time scene group ViTALITY releases a major PC title – and it looks as if they’ve done it in style. Earlier we reported about p2p groups such as rForce & WiCKED releasing leaked versions of Warhammer 40000 : Dawn of War 2 on BitTorrent. Although these were all working releases of the game, there was no true crack included in any of them. DoW 2 uses Steam and Windows Live protection (xlive) as an anti piracy measures as well as to prevent modification of core game files.

ViTALITY’s release does not involve any config file editing as in previous releases by rForce, GTI or WiCKED. It’s basically the old school ‘replace-original-with-cracked-exe’ procedure.  As usual, ViTALITY’s NFO contains some interesting comments:

This game is steam and we did not have to use a third party installer, because we aint stupid!

This is obviously a crack at other completing scene groups such as D.I.E. and Razor1911 who often use custom installers to bypass Steam protection.

ViTALiTY’s release has already made it to private torrent trackers:

[ Warhammer.40.000.Dawn.of.War.II-ViTALiTY ] [ Won by SCC 22m 7s  after pre ]

Source: #Tracers on

As usual, this will soon spread to public BitTorrent sites, one click hosting sites, public FTPs and so on. Chances are high that this'll be a popular download among pirates – the game is popular and many have found it relatively difficult to get the previous leaked versions working.

If you run into any problems, errors or crashes with the game (non crack related), refer to this article which includes a list of possible solutions.

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