If you are a reader of our PC Games section, it should be no secret to you that most PC Titles are cracked and leaked by groups from the warez scene such as RELOADED, HATRE, RAZOR1911, etc. ‘The Game Scene Charts’ is a monthly coded magazine (a small standalone program that integrates magazine content, background music and a user interface) which ranks groups in the gaming scene. This post features December 2008 issue of TGSC.

game scene charts mag December 2008

A typical TGSC issue comprises of the following articles:

  • Editorial – Comments from the editors on this month’s issue
  • Monthly Chart – Group statistics and rankings based on the number of PC Game ISO/DOX releases for that particular month (in this case December 2008)
  • Monthly Overview – Editorial with news, updates and other information surrounding the PC game scene for that particular month
  • Group of the month – A list of best ranked scene groups, sorted by month
  • Group release stats – Comments about specific groups and their releases for a particular month
  • Yearly stats – Group rankings and points earned for the current year
  • Yearly overview – Comments by editors on how this months group performance has affected yearly performance
  • Group of the year – A list of best ranked scene groups, sorted by year
  • All time stats – All time group release statistics 
  • All time overview – Comments on how this month’s performance has affected a group’s overall ranking

According to TGSC issue 28 (released on 27 January, 2009), the best ranked scene group for December 2008 is FASiSO. In addition, popular group RELOADED is still ranked first in all time group statistics with a whopping 1951 points. Note that these rankings are purely based on the number of releases by a group – type of DRM/protection cracked is not taken into account.


You can download the coded magazine to your computer and read it yourself (only 500kb in file size). As this is a coded mag, no additional software is required to view it.

[Click Here] to download Game Scene Charts Issue #28 (December 2008) from MegaShare. If the download link is not visible, refresh the MegaShare page. (Suspicious about this file? See Virustotal report for ‘the.game.scene.charts.issue.28.exe’)

Press ‘Esc’ key to skip the intro screen. Press ‘Esc’ again to quit the program.


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