There was quite a lot of hype built around Google Wave, the new communications and collaboration platform from Google, when it first hit the web. During the product’s early beta testing phase, registration was closed and the product was available to a select number of users. Needless to say, initially there was a heavy demand for invites (some folks even sold them and some traded private tracker invites for these) but this soon died down as the hype around Wave decreased. Anyways, if you still have not received a Google Wave invite and is waiting to try out the service, good news is that Google has opened Wave registrations for all users. You can now sign up for the service with your free Google Account.

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Earlier on we conducted several Google Wave Invite giveaways and were able to give invites to a considerable number of people. However, we were faced with a huge number of requests and our supply of invites was never enough to meet the demand. If you missed out on earlier giveaways, now’s the perfect chance to create a new account.

Quoting from the Google Wave Blog:

Starting today, we are making Google Wave openly available to everyone as part of Google Labs. You no longer need an invitation to wave -- simply visit and sign right in.

Signup URL: and sign in with your Google account

If I remember correctly, new users should receive 25 invites upon joining. In the meantime if you are one of those early adopters who tried out Wave, thought it sucked and gave up, now would be a good time for a re-visit. Wave has several new enhancements and many improvements up its sleeve and it’s actually a lot better than what it was a couple of months ago.

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