Lately, there’s been a lot of talk surrounding release blogs that automatically post scene releases online. NewSceneFiles (NSF), SceneDDL, SceneFlux, AfterPre are some of the names that come into mind but the worrying factor is that most of these sites are no longer operational. Both SceneDDL and NSF have closed down for good, AfterPre & SceneFlux are still hanging in there but overall, automatic scene release blogs seem to go the way of the dodo all too often. But that’s not to say this niche is dead – there are new sites popping up daily and today we are going to talk about yet another promising scene release auto poster; DownloadThe.Net. DDLThe.Net automatically uploads untouched scene releases to multiple one click hosting services and exposes their direct download links to be consumed by the masses.

Download The Net

DDLThe.Net has not been online for long. The site actively started it’s operations on the 26th of April and it’s first few days of being online has been pretty impressive. Nearly 1500 releases have been covered during this short period of time and hundreds of new posts are being added daily. For those who care about them, pre times seem to be decent enough around here.

As stated above, DownloadThe.Net uploads scene releases to multiple one click hosting sites. Lately, it seems to make use of the Link Spreader service to upload to several different hosts simultaneously. Whenever you click on a download link from DDLThe.Net, you will be taken to a page on where you will be shown all the available download links from Megaupload, HotFile, RapidShare, etc (usually, each releases is upped to about 10 different services). If you are using JDownloader [Download JDownloader - Recommended], you’d be glad to know that jheberg links are now fully supported by this software. If you get any errors or prompts for Deep Decryption when dealing with jheberg links, just update all your plugins and restart JD.


DDLThe.Net being a release blog, each scene release gets a separate blog post of its own. The structure of a post is pretty simple. There are two buttons at the top of every post, one linking to the release NFO and the other linking to a screenshot of the SFV file (Simple file verification – displays list of file names and checksum values). Buttons are followed by a list of download links from which you may download that particular scene release.

Searching for a particular item is possible on DDLThe.Net. You can do so using the search bar on the top right or you can browse for releases by category. The site supports RSS feeds and you can even subscribe to different feeds based on category (check the right sidebar). For added social media integration, updates can also be followed on Twitter (

One other thing about Download The Net is that they claim to upload un-modified scene releases. Their tagline is ‘Your unbastardized Scene releases source’ and their FAQ page states:

DDLthe.Net its a site created to please Scene-fans, here we won´t manipulate ANY release, you will download exactly the same as us.

We know that some of you don’t like modified (for example UnRAR’d) scene releases and if you are one of them, DDLThe.Net should cater to your needs.

Anyways this site is currently online and is open to the public - you do not need to register in order to enjoy DDLThe.Net’s benefits. If you are looking to download latest movies, music, games and other scene releases online, check this site out.

Site Homepage:

Special thanks to Dulalala for letting us know about DDLThe.Net.

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  1. TV Links Guide // 5/08/2010 09:56:00 PM  

    whats up with all theses dll forums all of a sudden?

  2. BOZX // 5/09/2010 03:12:00 AM  

    so what about tpsbb its down for ever i think so...
    any other site like that with "rapidleech free" with premium accounts.

  3. h // 5/09/2010 04:30:00 AM  

    (Right now) SceneFlux > *

  4. Anders // 7/04/2010 02:12:00 AM  

    What happened to
    "Trying to recover everything
    But it’s almost sure that everything has……"