After what seems like ages, DOSBox has finally been updated to a newer version. This hugely popular MS DOS emulator lets you run most applications and games that require native MS DOS support on modern operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS and Linux. The latest build (v0.74 dated 12/5/2010) includes a number of bugfixes including some compatibility updates which add improved support for Windows 7. If you are in love with those old school games such as Prince of Persia, Dangerous Dave, Aladdin, Commander Keen but can’t play them on your new operating system, give DOSBox a go. It’s easy to setup and works with most DOS based games that are around.


A long list of new changes/fixes introduced in v0.74 can be found on DOSBox homepage. An updated version of the DOSBox manual is available from this location.

Once you have downloaded DOSBox and need help setting it up, check out our tutorial. This has step by step instructions on how to configure the app and use it to play your favorite DOS games on the PC. If you run out of DOS games to play, you can download a ton of these from SquakeNet for free.


[Click Here] to download DOSBox 0.74 from the official download page (includes separate installers for multiple platforms including Linux, Mac OS X and Windows)

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