Updates from two relatively popular trackers in the BitTorrent scene – HDPre and iTune. Both these sites currently have open signups but they have also suffered minor setbacks due to database failure. HDPre, a Hungary based high definition private tracker was forced to revert to a  several months old DB backup, resulting in the loss of some user accounts and torrents in the process. Site wide free leech has been activated and signups have been opened as a form of compensation. In similar fashion, the gazelle based music tracker iTune has sprung back after being offline for 12 long days. They have however lost 4500 torrents, a significant amount when it comes to a specialized torrent site. On the plus side, the intermittent downtime issues with iTune now seem to be resolved. This tracker too will have sidewide free leech in the coming 12 days.

iTune music tracker
Site Name: iTune (http://itunez.net)
Signup URL: http://itunez.net/register.php
Description: iTune is a music torrent tracker indexing English music from all genres. The site is based on the Gazelle codebase and has a great user interface that is pleasing to the eye. iTune recently switched domains from itune.ro to itune.net.
Stats: 6400 users and 660 torrents (Updated after downtime)
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Site Name: HDpre (http://hdpre.com)
Signup URL: http://hdpre.com/signup.php
Description: HDpre is a Hungary based veteran HD tracker that’s more than two years old. It was previously accessible via hdpre.ath.cx however the site has now moved to more secure domain and is hosted at hdpre.com.
Stats: 20100+ users and ~400 torrents (used to index around 4.5k torrents before downtime) 
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