When you talk about sports these days, the first thing that comes to mind is the football world cup which is going strong in South Africa. However, this is not another ‘where to find football WC torrents online’ post (if you are looking for a similar article, read this). This post is about, AcrossTheTasman (ATT), a dedicated sports torrent tracker that is home to sports releases not found on most other BitTorrent trackers. For instance, ATT is one of the very few sites that index cricket torrents. That’s not all, they have a lot of Rubgy, Mortor Racing, Tennis, Australian Soccer and other sports content indexed as well. Although usually closed for public registrations, AcrossTheTasman is currently open for signup – however don’t expect this to last forever. Anyway if you are a sports fan, this could be a very useful tracker to have.

Some of you might be hearing about ATT for the very first time. But this isn’t a site that landed out of nowhere – AcrossTheTasman is a spinoff tracker by the same team who runs popular Diwana.org. ATT’s user base as well as the torrent index no doubt got a boost from well established Diwana – free ATT invites were given away to existing Diwana members and bulk of the sports torrents tracked by Diwana were moved over to ATT just a couple of months ago. It looks like ATT will primarily be handling sports content while Diwana takes care of movies and TV shows. Currently there are over 14000 active members registered on Across The Tasman.


What’s important about ATT is that it has content that’s not found elsewhere. For example, they have Cricket torrents (which for some reason most sports trackers avoid like the plague) as well as a lot of Rugby torrents (rugby union games from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Wales, England as well as premier Rugby League competitions from around the world). Add to this motor racing torrents and Australian football games and you’ve got yourself a decent sports tracker. ATT has it’s own cappers for most of the sporting events it covers and this results in a lot of unique content  getting uploaded to the site (which is a good thing).

Usually, ATT is closed for public registrations. However currently the site is open for signup and is accepting new registrations. We do not know for how long the signups will remain open but if you are a sports fan, feel free to go ahead and check the site out.

Site Name: Across The Tasman (http://acrossthetasman.com)

Signup URL: http://acrossthetasman.com/register.php

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