My Anonamouse has got to be one of the most underrated BitTorrent trackers ever. You don’t often see invite requests for it on BitTorrent forums, you don’t see it on those ‘tracker levels’ tables and you don't see My Anonamouse invites being sold on Ebay. Perhaps MyAN does not generate that much of a buzz in the BitTorrent scene due to the nature of content it tracks – the site does not index blockbuster movies, latest TV shows or video games. However, those looking for a niche tracker to download eBooks or audio books would prefer this site over 20 General/0Day trackers any day. My Anonamouse has a huge torrent index comprising of over 40000 torrents and it’s simply one of the most resourceful sites on the net for E-books (including novels), audiobooks, comics, magazines, music tutorials and other similar material. If you still haven’t managed to get into this awesome tracker, registrations will be open for one week starting today.

My Anonamouse

Even though My Anonamouse receives a relatively low hype in the BitTorrent scene, it’s not short of members. The site currently has an active user base of over 33000 registered members; quite an unusual feat for a niche private community. The torrent count is equally high – as of 13/6/2010 there were 38000 active torrents indexed by MyAN’s BitTorrent tracker (and increase of 6000 from the 32000 torrents that were available in April 2010).

Most of the folks who do know about My Anonamouse know it as a audiobooks only tracker. While MyAN tracks a lot of audio books, that’s not the only type of content you can find there. For instance, there are over 8000 eBook torrents (the actual number of books is much higher because some of these torrents are packs) available on this site – that’s more torrents than you can find on several specialized eBook trackers put together. Alongside audiobooks and electronic books, MyAN tracks graphic novels, comics, magazines, newspapers, educational material as well as music related stuff such as guitar/bass tabs, sheet music, lick libraries and even concert videos.

My Anonamouse Screenshot
Image: A screenshot of My Anoanamouse’s torrent index – this shows some of the comics and ebooks uploaded to the tracker. For screens of audiobooks and other material, read our previous review located here.

Now, with the increased popularity of portable devices such as Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad which make it easier to read E-books and listen to Audiobooks outside your computer, I can only see My Anonamouse becoming more popular in the future. If you are a book lover, musician or a fan of magazines, newspapers or graphic novels, this site is highly recommended.

Getting into MyAN has never really been hard. Although the site has had closed signups for the most part of its lifetime, interested members could always get in via invite applications (as we mentioned here). If you didn’t like to fill out the application form and submit it on the IRC channel, you now have a chance to join the site directly during My Anoanamouse special open signup period.

Site Name: My Anonamouse (

Signup URL: (open signups will last until 06-20-2010 23:59:59 GMT.)

Special thanks to ‘Lazy Mouse’ for the head’s up.

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