As you may or may not know, we now have an official Facebook page located at Just like our Twitter feed, FB page would carry summarized updates from latest blog posts, instant updates on invitation giveaways and other news items that do not make it into a full article on the blog. All you need to do in order to follow us on FB is to visit this link, login with your Facebook credentials and then hit the ‘Like’ button on our page. You will then receive our updates directly on your wall. Integrating into FB gives us one additional method to keep in touch with our readers  - SMS Updates. If you subscribe to SMS updates on our page, you will get a text message whenever we post a new article, post an update on an invite giveaway status, etc – this should come extremely handy in a case like BCG referral giveaway.

FILEnetworks SMS Updates

Here’s a step by step guide on how to subscribe to SMS updates from FILEnetworks Blog:

  1. Login to your Facebook account. Then visit our Facebook page on
  2. Click on the ‘Like’ button to become a fan.
  3. Once you become a fan, SMS options will be displayed on the top left corner of the page. Click on ‘Subscribe via SMS’
  4. To receive SMS updates, you must activate your phone for Facebook Mobile if you haven’t already done so. Follow on screen instructions which are fairly straightforward.
  5. You are done. If you want to unsubscribe from SMS updates, this too can be done anytime you want from the top left corner of our FB page.

In addition to SMS updates, you can post comments to our stories, discuss them and share them with your FB friends (by hitting ‘like’) through our Facebook page.

Facebook is just one of the few options that lets you keep track of FILEnetworks Blog updates. Following channels are also available and you are free to use any one (or more) of these to stay up to date. It is recommended that you at least become either a FB fan or a Twitter follower since we do post minor updates that do not make it into blog articles through these feeds:

Stay tuned for more BitTorrent news, leaks, downloads, games, software & IT news from FILEnetworks.


  1. GDP // 6/02/2010 07:40:00 AM  

    In Twitter you can also receive SMS updates, I'm going to let you post the instructions :-)

  2. pirpiliter // 6/02/2010 10:45:00 AM  

    My country , Moldova is not in that list, why don't you use Google Calendar for sending SMS( It has much more countries and its better to organise. Thank you.