Folks over at IPTorrents (IPT) have been up to some interesting stuff lately. Earlier we told our readers about their new public pre channel and now we bring you news of an another interesting move by this underrated general tracker. IPT have partnered with FLAWL3SS, one of the best p2p oriented (non scene) movie release groups that are around. On the announcement posted on homepage, it is mentioned that “Team FLAWL3SS will become IPTs exclusive in-house encoding team”. Whatever this means, one thing is certain; users of IPT can look forward to a flurry of good quality untouched Blu Ray movies and BRRips – this is FLAWL3SS’s specialty.


The full announcement is quoted below:

We are pleased to announce that IPT and The FLAWL3SS Release Group have come to an agreement that Team FLAWL3SS will become IPTs exclusive in-house encoding team. We have added a new sub category Movies/FLAWL3SS for all of their releases making searching a simple one click task.

In addition:

All FLAWL3SS Movie Packs will be FreeLeech.
All FLAWL3SS HD releases will be FreeLeech.
A minimum of 50% of all remaining FLAWL3SS releases will also be FreeLeech.
All FLAWL3SS releases will continue to be Non-RAR and single file so you can download, play and seed without taking up twice the hdd space.

We wish to thank all the members of IPT for your continued support.

The new category (Movies/FLAWL3SS) already has an impressive 315+ releases listed under it.

Before they partnered with IPT, FLAWL3SS releases used to be readily available on various other private torrent sites (on those that track non scene content) on the net. Since it is announced that FLAWL3SS became ‘IPTs exclusive in-house encoding team’, it remains to be seen whether their releases will continue to be available on other trackers, specially from now on.

IPTorrents is currently closed for signup and please do not request invites here. This tracker was mentioned several times on this blog when it was open for signup so hopefully, most of our readers are already members there.


  1. xtreme // 9/09/2009 12:55:00 AM  

    Thanks for the news boss :)

  2. TEAM FILEnetworks // 9/09/2009 12:58:00 AM  

    You are welcome.

  3. chudm // 9/09/2009 02:24:00 AM  

    know about this site too late for the sign up :( hope they will bring more sign up soon!

  4. Tasoula // 9/09/2009 03:05:00 AM  

    LOL,awesome site.$20 for one account,i mean tell me something more lame than that!!

    awesome sites you promote

  5. FLAWL3SS // 9/09/2009 04:33:00 AM  

    To answer a few questions regarding our torrents being uploaded to other trackers.

    "Exclusive" means we are the only internal encoding team.

    All of our torrents may be uploaded to other trackers if you are an uploader, all we ask is that you use the original file names and nfo's unless they have to be edited dues to site rules and seed back what you take. That's not too much to ask we think.

    Nicely written article.

    Cheers ;)


  6. zoomby // 9/09/2009 06:52:00 AM  

    the tracker has improved considerably after dey limited the amount of Invites

  7. TEAM FILEnetworks // 9/09/2009 09:11:00 AM  

    They have open signups from time to time.

    Thanks for the explanation mate.

  8. Christ // 9/09/2009 10:38:00 AM  

    So when they will open ? I am desperately waiting since last open (January) but no news at all ...

  9. Daniel Anthony // 11/02/2012 03:23:00 PM  

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