ChromePlus – Pimped out Google Chrome

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 9/26/2009 | | 0 Comments »

Google Chrome has become browser of choice for many since its initial release back in last September. If you are one of them, here is some news that you might find interesting. ChromePlus is a customized, pimped out version of Google Chrome that adds several extra features that are otherwise unavailable in the original version. Currently there are 5 major additions including mouse gestures in ChromePlus and more are promised with upcoming builds. Best news of all – it’s free and there is no spyware inside. In addition, unneeded Chrome background communications are disabled in ChromePlus.


As we mentioned above, currently there are 5 main features offered in ChromePlus:

  1. Double click tab to close page
  2. Super drag
  3. Mouse gesture
  4. IE tab
  5. Download Tools Support

You can find more information about these features and how they work, on this page. It’s worth mentioning that all regular features of Google Chrome are also available in ChromePlus.

Note that Google Chrome is known for its speed and reduced usage of system resources. Addition of new features would definitely add to the resource consumption of the app. However I don’t think the difference between original Chrome and ChromePlus’s resource usage will even be noticeable for most users. Anyways it’s an interesting app. Check it out.

[Click Here] to download latest version of ChromePlus from official download page (Windows Only)