Good news if you are looking to be part of a new General/0Day torrent tracker. Three large, well established private trackers that are usually closed to the public have opened signups for a limited time. Romanian ShareReactor (RsR), LeechersLair (LL) and TorrentHR (THR) all now accept pubic registrations and you can now create accounts on these sites without the need for an invite code. RsR is one of the oldest private trackers based in Romania (launched in 2005) and the last time this tracker had an open signup was back in 2009. LeechersLair is another veteran tracker in the BitTorrent scene and it recently celebrated their 4th birthday. TorrentHR, a Croatia based ratio free tracker which has over 10000 torrents in its index, is opening signups after almost a year. All three of these tracks general content including movies, music, games, television shows, EBooks, Sports and so on.

Romanian ShareReactor (RsR)
Romanian Share Reactor
RsR is considered to be one of the oldest Romanian trackers around and it has average pre times, decent download speeds plus a healthy flow of new daily torrents. Since this tracker’s name has the word ‘Romanian’ in it, most people mistake it for a torrent site indexing releases native to Romania. This is not the case – RsR has almost 100% English content including scene and P2P releases. It has a decently sized user base but note that it by no means is a another IPT or Zamunda – there are probably around 10k registered members on the site. This tracker makes up for the ‘not so large’ user base by having excellent download speeds. Ratio rules are very strict around here and even torrents with 2-5 seeders tend to have pretty good speeds. As of 12/9/2010, it indexed over 7500 active torrents.
RsR Torrents

Speaking of the content on RSR, it has everything a General tracker should have and then some more. RsR is home to the well known p2p release group iAPULA – expect to find a lot of their releases on this tracker ranging from individual movies, music to torrent packs. They haven’t been active a lot lately but you can find plenty of their old releases here.
Site Name: Romanian ShareReactor (
Signup URL

TorrentHR is Croatian BitTorrent tracker. Although you don’t often hear about this site in BitTorrent forums and news blogs, it’s in fact one of the few torrent sites that successfully adapted the ratio free model. THR went ratio free back in September 2009, almost and year ago, and the site has been stable since then – unlike in many other cases, seeder/leecher ratios have not been affected and torrent lifetime does not appear to have reduced (and the text ‘No Ratio’ placed in the logo itself is a telltale sign that staff is proud of their achievement ) . THR has been online for several years but public registrations had been closed for the most part. Last time this tracker opened sign ups was in last September.
TorrentHR Index
THR being a Croatian tracker, they do index a few releases that are native to Croatia. Default site language is Croatian but you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding your way around if you are an English speaking user. Anyways most indexed movies and TV series have English audio and there is plenty of English content available for download. You will most likely be able to spot the non English content based on torrent title. In addition to local, p2p and scene releases, this tracker is home to some good packs - their ‘Packs’ category now has over 300 torrents.
Site Name: TorrentHR (
Signup URL:

Here’s another torrent site that has not failed the test of time – LeechersLair (LL), a veteran General/0day torrent tracker recently celebrated their 4th year online, despite having to face various obstacles such as forced server shut downs, multiple URL changes and extended downtimes due to various issues. LL has stabilized in the past couple of months and it now functions smoothly as one of the better General/0Day trackers around. The site has a large user base exceeding 15000 active members and tracks over 7500 active torrents (stats as at 14/9/2010).
LL Exclusives
Thanks to its large users base, popular torrents on LeechersLair usually have 100-200 seeds each. Scene releases, P2P releases as well as LL exclusive torrents can be found indexed on the tracker (LL exclusives are torrents unique to LeechersLair – you probably won’t find these anywhere else). For those interested in getting in, signups are open for a limited time only.
Site Name: LeechersLair (
Signup URL:

Special thanks to Smece for the heads up on THR.

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  1. microd20 // 9/14/2010 05:05:00 AM  

    Looks good, gonna have to start getting more use outta my seedbox now...but its a good one...only 10 euro a month for 115GB and 200MB of ram on a 100mbit line...

  2. Steven // 9/14/2010 07:19:00 AM  

    I personally wouldnt touch PulsedMedia if they were the last Seedbox company on the planet.

  3. evil // 9/14/2010 07:32:00 AM  

    +1 Steven
    microd20 is a spam troll, he's spamming ads all over the place hoping to find a n00b to rip-off.

    Thanks for the info about open signups, never heard of THR tho.

  4. Jon // 9/14/2010 08:27:00 AM filenetworks team!
    Thanks as always.

  5. dhens // 9/14/2010 10:59:00 AM  

    Thanks again for Filenetworks!!!!
    Im still waiting for bithq to open up though...:)

  6. Surfer // 9/14/2010 04:06:00 PM

  7. Volker // 9/15/2010 01:48:00 AM  

    "the well known p2p release group iAPULA"
    If you're Romanian you'll understand what means iAPULA :))

  8. John Tracker // 12/20/2012 06:53:00 AM