BitTorrent trackers and IRC channels go hand in hand. Most torrent sites have an official IRC channel where you can chat with fellow members, get support from staff, idle to get bonus points, etc. We’ve featured several P2P friendly IRC networks in the past and this article is about a new IRC server; Corrupt-Net. It looks pretty stable, has over 900 users and already hosts official channels of several well known private torrent trackers. But that’s not all, the network has fully working Pre and Tracer channels which are currently open to all (a web based version of the the Pre database is also available). For those who are unaware of the terminology, a Pre channel announces new torrent releases (Scene and P2P) while a Tracer channel rates and ranks private trackers based on the speed they take to upload a particular release. Contrary to popular belief, IRC is not rocket science and it’s not remotely as complex as it sounds – it’s actually pretty cool so check it out :p

Among the private torrent trackers that are already on board Corrupt-Net (irc:// are DigitalHive, Tophos and fux0r. IRC channels of several start up private trackers are also located on this server. On a side note, if you are planning to launch a new tracker of if you are looking for a new home to move your existing tracker’s IRC channels, Corrupt-Net can be a viable option. Anyways let’s move on to the part where most of our readers would be interested in – public Tracer and Pre channels.

Corrupt-Net Tracer Channels

Corrupt-Net operates a set of Tracer channels where private torrent trackers are rated and ranked based on the time they take to upload a release. A unique points system is used to rank the sites and you can track statistics by day, hour, week, month or total. Additionally, you can also compare sites, track average pretimes, track times on certain categories like xvid or by groups like CRiMSON etc. Currently there are over 35 sites raced, including AL, AT, BCG, BMTV, BTN, DA, DDT, DH, EZTV, FF, FTS, GOEM, HDB, IPT, iTN, MAT, PT, PTF, PTM, SB, SCC, SCI, ScP, SeX, ST, STR, TB, TC, TD, TDS, THS, TL, TTS, TV, VIP, XNT and XS. Tracer channels you can join include:

Tracer Search

Once on the channel, type !cmd to get a list of commands you can use to retrieve information. There are tons of commands and switches available and even complex searches and filtering is possible. According to Corrupt-Net operators, n web based version where users will be able to easily track race statistics will be implemented soon.

Corrupt-Net Pre Channels

Corrupt Net operates public pre channels where new scene and p2p releases are announced as soon as they are pre’d. There are three different channels which you can use:

Corrupt Net Pre

Corrupt-Net Pre Database – Web Interface

For those who prefer web search as opposed to IRC, a web based version of the pre database is also available. You can access the web version from following URLs:

P.S. – If you are new to IRC, read this brief tutorial on how to join a IRC channels using mIRC client.

Special thanks to ACiD and ‘Excite User’ for the heads up.