Two things that go hand in hand with BitTorret, DDL Forums, private trackers, scene releases, etc are Pre Channels and Tracer services. Through Pre channels, you can get instant updates when new scene releases are leaked online. Through Tracer (short for Torrent Racer) channels, you can know which private trackers were the first to index such releases in their torrents databases. Most of the Pre and Tracer services that exist today are based on IRC – while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with IRC channels, not all people like to idle on these and execute commands to look up releases, although this isn’t remotely hard as it sounds. If you prefer web based services as opposed to IRC based ones, here’s something you might like. Pre and Tracer facilities provided by G2x3KS are simple, easy to use and can be used by anyone with a web browser.

Web based tracer

How G2x3KS’s Pre and Tracer services work is pretty straightforward and there’s nothing really to explain at all. The ‘Pre’ section of the site indexes the most recently pre’d scene releases. Each entry contains the following information; Time (time of pre), Section (category), Title (title of release), Size (release size) and Raced (has any private tracker uploaded this release yet). Clicking on the title of any item will take you to a detailed description of the release, which usually contains a full NFO, screenshots (if it’s a movie, TV show, etc) and a list of private trackers that ‘raced’ and first had a torrent version uploaded. This page usually looks similar to the one shown in screenshot below:

Release Page TS 3

The Pre version of the site functions exactly as the Trace mode, only difference being that it displays race information in the main index itself. Each entry in the trace page has an additional ‘torrents’ field, depicting the number of private trackers that already index a torrent version of that particular release.

In both modes, only the last 100 or so scene releases are listed – you cannot browse for older releases which I found to be a minor drawback. However, there is an easy to use search function for both Pre and Tracer modes, which proved to be pretty useful when looking up an older release.

Anyways don’t let us bore you any further – go right ahead and check the site out for yourself.

G2x3KS Trace Service URL:

G2x3KS Pre Service URL:

News about this site seems to be spreading pretty fast – I already saw a thread about this on FST (posted by iLOVENZB) and several of our readers had sent us hat tips about this as well. It’s a useful service and let’s hope it lasts long.

If you are looking for IRC based public pre and tracer channels, check out our recent post about Corrupt-Net, a P2P friendly IRC network open to all.


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