After a series of private tracker open signup and invite application updates, here’s some DDL forum news for a change. Over the years, we’ve featured a number of DDL forums on this blog, most of which cater to specific niches such as music, movies, games, documentaries, etc. While these are some very special sites indexing unique content, several of our readers had asked us to feature more sites with scene 0-Day releases. PreScene is one such DDL forum that indexes latest scene releases along with download links to listed releases - all sorts of uploads ranging from zero day software to TV shows can be found here. In fact, this site acts both as a release log (pre database) as well as a download link repository – most scene pres are listed on PreScene and most of these releases even come with direct download links (based on one click hosting sites), making this much more than a web based pre channel.


PreScene is not a site that started yesterday. It’s in fact been around for more than one and a half years and indexes a whopping 686493 releases as at 13/10/2010. For those of you still wondering what this site is all about, quoted below is the announcement made when it officially launched:

Our aim is to create a large database of Pre'd releases from within the Warez Scene and offer you download links to them. We will list both our local links and external links (other warez sites).
Please do note though, all sites we link to are clean and will not affect you in any way.
Anyway, have a browse around and see what you think. We'll be developing this site throughout the long future ahead and hope to bring you the latest releases, fast.

When it comes to actual operation, PreScene pretty much does what’s stated above. The home page lists latest releases pre’d online by scene groups. If you click on one of these, you will be taken to a detailed description page which has release information, download links offered by PreScene as well as download links extracted from external sites (in the Link Search Results section):

prescene screenshot

PreScene does not provide internal download links for all indexed releases. However, some releases do come with them and this appears to be the work of an automatic uploader bot. A list of most recent releases that came with download links is always accessible from page. If you can’t find any internally provided download links for a particular release, you may still be able to download it through ‘Link Search Results’ which are one click hosting links extracted from external sites. While these links are not as reliable as internally provided downloads, they do seem to be pretty accurate most of the time.

PreScene Main Index
Image: Part of PreScene’s main index. The ‘New Downloads’ section lists last few releases that came with internal download links. 

You can browse the pre database using the main index – the categories in top toolbar offer some level of filtering to results. To look for older releases however you’ll have to use the Pre Search feature.

PreScene is currently open for registration. Membership is not required to browse the Pre DB or to view download links – registration however is required to access the discussion forums. If you are looking for a PreDB with download links, check this out.

Site Name: PreScene (

Signup URL:

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