It’s awesome news if you are a fan of comic books. ComicBT, a specialized private tracker for downloadable comics, has opened public registrations for three days only. ComicBT is one of those trackers that hasn’t received much publicity or hype from numerous BitTorrent forums and blogs out there. The site started out its operations silently back in last May and within a short span of time it’s become one of the largest dedicated comic book trackers online today. ComicBT now features over 2500 torrents of high quality downloadable comic books (old & new, including scanned versions), a brand new, polished looking skin as well as a small but active community of comic book readers, collectors and enthusiasts. If you are a comics lover you might want to check this site out (and this includes everyone who left invite requests in our last CBT review) – signups will only remain open this weekend, and will close by early Monday (25th).

ComicBT Logo

From it’s humble beginnings, CBT has managed to improve its operations in almost all aspects during the last couple of months. The site now features a shiny new skin, category icons and a logo which gives it a highly polished look and feel. But it isn’t just the looks that have improved – CBT uploaders have been adding a ton of new content too. As of 23/10/2010, ComicBT tracked over 2850 torrents (up from 42 when we last featured this tracker), making it probably the largest specialized comics tracker currently online.

As for the type of content CBT tracks, it’s pretty much straightforward. You can find both new and old issues of almost all major comic book series on this tracker. These usually come in CBR, CBZ or PDF file formats - they are all viewable on the PC and probably even on portable devices such as iPad, provided that you have the required software (for a list of software you can use to view Comic Book Archive files on the PC, look here). In addition to comic books, CBT indexes movies, animation and TV series based on comic book characters as well. A screenshot showing part of its torrent index can be seen below:

ComicBT Screenshot

Aside from the customized theme that resembles the look and feel of a comic book, ComicBT has a bonus system in place and comes with all other standard features TBDEV 2009 codebase has to offer. Note that there are wait times for this tracker.

As mentioned in the title of this post, CBT is currently open for signup. The official notice on site reads:

Open Sign up
Due to me not getting any sleep sign up's are open!  Fri, Sat, Sun
Ends early Monday 25th...

To put it shortly, if you have any interest in comics, comic book characters, superheroes, etc. this is a must have tracker for you. Get in while it’s open.

Site Name: ComicBT (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Glen for the heads up.

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  1. Triad_470 // 10/24/2010 01:43:00 AM  

    Thank you very much. This site is awesome i like their packs section.

  2. Glen // 10/24/2010 02:54:00 AM  

    Here is a tip, by reading the rules you can by pass the wait time.. just read them and it tells you what to send to staff to get 5 gig, which will disable the wait time :D

  3. Matthew // 11/01/2010 07:46:00 PM  

    Man, I really REALLY want an invite! went down and I need a new site :-( If anyone would send me an invite I would appreciate it ALWAYS and FOREVER. SS4matt at gmail. PLEASE send me an invite someone. I have an account at other places and keep well over a 1.0 ratio.

  4. WarLion // 11/28/2011 03:28:00 PM  

    i exchange a torrentleech invitation for a

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  6. Alex // 4/22/2012 08:39:00 PM  

    Here is very good comics blog

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