Two new editions of your favorite pirate magazine, The Game Scene Charts (TGSC), is out. Issues No. 45 and 46 covers PC game ISO/DOX scene releases for the months of July and August 2010. For those of you who are reading about TGSC for the first time, it’s a coded magazine that rates and ranks release groups in the warez scene based on the number of cracked games they leak each month. Groups are given points for each pre they make and at the end of each month groups with the highest number of points are selected. Each edition usually includes an editorial, a monthly overview, monthly charts, yearly charts, all time stats and in some cases even interviews with scene groups. TGSC is built with an old school scene cracktro look and feel, comes with its own rendering engine and does not require any additional software to run – just click on the executable and start reading.

TGSC August 2010

As for the monthly group rankings, SKIDROW has unsurprisingly managed to retain the top position in both July and August. This group has been spewing releases regularly and consistently, and appears to have the ability to break all major DRM on the market (Steam, Securom, UBISoft DRM, etc) today. They have also been releasing cracked game updates, which we don’t always see from scene groups. Anyways go ahead and download the magazines to see complete group rankings.


You can download TGSC issues from Defacto, a scene resources site we featured in a previous article.

[Click Here] to download Game Scene Charts Issue 45 (July 2010) from Defacto.

[Click Here] to download Game Scene Charts Issue 46 (August 2010) from Defacto.

Note: Your screen may flash and flickering text will appear during the magazine’s intro screens. This is intentional since it’s modeled after old school scene cracktros.

If you are looking for older editions, Defacto has the complete collection of TGSC magazines since Issue #1 (September 2006) on this page. And it’s regularly updated with new editions as well.

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