“The age of NTorrents is over, the age of PWNNetwork is just beginning” – this line was quoted from an E-mail sent from PWNNetwork to existing nTorrents members. Long time readers of this blog should be familiar with nTorrents, a private tracker that specializes in Nintendo console games. Several weeks ago, NTorrents staff revealed plans to shut down the site and launch a brand new tracker; PWNNetwork aka PWN. It was announced that instead of limiting itself to a single console, this tracker will index video games across multiple platforms, including games for both PC and other consoles. For those who eagerly awaited the launch of PWN, here’s some good news – the site has launched and is currently in public beta. These are still early days but already everything seems to be functional despite the occasional minor glitch. PWN is currently not open for signup but all existing nTorrent members should have received an invite (in fact, they should have received two).


PWN’s public beta phase commenced about a week ago, back in September. A detailed post on the launch can be found on nTorrents homepage:

PWN Network (The Network) is opening with a public beta phase. During this phase the site should be fully functional, but please, don't hesitate to report any weirdness or quirky code. We will be adding features and functionality to the site, and it doesn't always work perfectly.
We, the staff, would like to give a big thanks out to those that participated in the double upload credit purchases, in the raffles, and in general site donations. We could not have done this without your support.
Where we go depends on bringing in new users, new staff, and new code. The future of the network is bright, and vibrant.
Invites: 2 were sent out, only the second one will work. The first ones were sent in error and please disregard them.
Stats Transfer: If you want your stats to transfer please signup using your NTorrents username and email. This should happen automatically, if it does not, go to http://pwnnetwork.net/transferdb.php please note this should only be done once.
Freeleech: PWNNetwork is currently on freeleech.

Hard core NT users would be glad to know that there’s an option to transfer their stats over to the new site – it was earlier announced that everything will get reset with the migration.

PWNNetwork Torrents

Just like nTorrents, PWNNetwork is built on Gazelle codebase. The default theme and layout of the tracker is very similar to that of nTorrents. In addition to the regular features, there appears to be several new enhancements on PWN including ‘The Marketplace’, a seed bonus system, new notice system as well as SSL support.

Although still in beta, this tracker has already managed to recruit several thousand active members. As of 10/1/2010, PWN had a registered user base exceeding 3200 members. Additionally, the site tracked 230+ active torrents under Xbox, Xbox 360, Apps, Game Guides, Original Soundtrack, Movie, Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PS3, Retro/Arcade, PC, mac, PSP and PS2 categories.

PWNNetwork is currently closed for signup and there is no other form of recruitment available (yet) apart from invites. However, all existing nTorrents members should have received two invites to the tracker – if you are registered on NT, check your E-mail including the spam folders (these were sent out about a week ago).Given the history of nTorrents, it’s likely that PWN too would at some point have open signups (or IRC recruitment) – you can of course count on us to report the news when this happens.

Site Name: PWNNetwork (http://pwnnetwork.net)

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