One of the best places on the internet to find and download Nintendo games just got better. The popular private torrent tracker nTorrents (NT) is now powered by a brand new auto upload server ensuring better indexing of scene releases at faster pre times. In addition, plans are afloat to populate the newly created direct download links section on NT forums which is pretty much inactive right now. Anyways that’s not all the good news we have from NT –  public signups have been opened once again and the site is expected to remain open till the user limit hits 20k members or at least for a few days until it’s manually stopped by staff. Last open signup for NT was on February 2010 and if you missed out back then, here’s another chance to create a free account on this usually invite only BitTorrent tracker.


A news post on the new server purchase appeared on NT about a week ago:

We would like to extend a personal thanks to all the donors and members that make NT the place that it is. We were able to get a new auto upload server.
Quad Xeon 2.83ghz
2x750GB RAID 0
1Gbit/200Mbit – OVH
Expect lower pretimes in the future. As a special thanks to the NT community, site is on freeleech until Sunday! Happy Easter, have a great weekend.
If any donors didn't receive their benefits, please send me a PM.
- NT Staff

Of course, nTorrents did make use of an autouploader bot prior to the new purchase. However, the new server is said to be 3x faster and is expected to do a better job at uploading scene releases to the tracker.

For those who have not heard about nTorrents before, it’s a specialized Nintendo games tracker that runs on Gazelle codebase. NT is a well established torrent community with over 16500 users and 3700+ active torrents. Speaking of releases, nTorrent does not only index scene releases – they do have a lot of p2p originated content available as well. Examples of such non scene content are complete console game sets which are essentially huge games packs categorized by name. DVD Images as well as ROMs for a number of different Nintendo consoles including Wii, NDS, SNES and more are available. For a detailed description of the content on nTorrents, screenshots and additional information, please refer to our previous review located here.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, signups for NT have been opened again. A news post on homepage reads:

Signups have been opened. This will last until we hit 20k users or it is stopped manually. Please take advantage of this opportunity by letting your friends know.
NT Staff

Note that NT has an official IRC invites channel where staff hand out invites to potential new members. Anyways you can now use the signup URL below to create an account for yourself, without going through any interview.

Site Name: NTorrents (

Signup URL:

IRC Invites Channel: irc://


  1. xPiracyx // 4/11/2010 03:54:00 AM  

    it seems a great source for ddl links uploaders like me :)

    -In Piracy we Trust

  2. cenk // 4/11/2010 05:56:00 AM  

    Thank you ;)

  3. Aeg // 4/11/2010 06:25:00 PM  

    Anybody knows what happened to silverseed and torrent-script?

    Thanks in advance


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