Over the years, portable software have become immensely popular among all demographics of computer users. Portable applications do not require installation, do not pollute system registry with junk data and do not leave traces of usage in system memory or hard drive. You may have come across portable software collections such as ‘PortableApps Suite’ – winPenPack is another one such apps suite which groups together a number of portable software in an easy to use package. It comes in many flavors such as 'School, Web, Personal and can prove to be extremely useful for students, professionals and even for those who are using it at home for personal use.


winPenPack is not a new piece of software – it’s been online since 2005 and has been improving and expanding over the last 5 years. By 2010 it has evolved into a massive collection of portable software with over 50 apps now included in the suite. winPenPack includes two types of software; true portable apps and X-software. Some of the apps included in the suite are real portable builds and do not require external assistance to run. Then there is X-software – these are not special portable builds but portability is achieved by running them in a forced mode. This is easily done through X-Launcher, a freeware utility developed by winPenPack crew. This way you get to run non portable software such as Miranda IM, Notepad++, OpenOffice.org, VideoLan, etc in a ‘virtual’ portable mode.

winPenPack suite comes in several different versions:

  • 2GB – The version with the most number of portable software. Almost everything is included.
  • Essential – Minimal version of the suite which includes only the essential apps.
  • Game – Includes portable games
  • School – Includes applications geared towards students – great for use at school, university, etc.
  • Web – Applications required for web surfing, instant messaging, etc
  • Personal – Set of applications for those who are using the suite at home

A detailed list of applications included in winPenPack plus a comparison of different versions of the suite (as listed above) can be found here. All of these apps are integrated into the winPenPack launcher through which you can launch them with the click of a button.


winPenPack suite and all of the software included in it are free.

[Click Here] to visit winPenPack download page to download winPenPack, individual software, launchers and more


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    Thanks. This is useful for someone new like me

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