BitTorrent trackers that focus solely on mobile content are a rare find in the BitTorrent community. SyncTheBits, PYM (down), PMTorrents, PodTropolis, JAF are some of the leading trackers in this niche but we really haven’t seen any new mobile oriented trackers being launched in the recent past. This is quite surprising, given the huge popularity gained by iPhone, Windows Mobile, Java, Symbian and other mobile platforms that are in widespread use today. Anyways is a new tracker that aims to break this curse. It’s the latest project from the experienced crew behind XtremeZone and the site has already gotten off to a flying start with over 5k members recruited in less than a month since launch. publicly launched on the 17th of March, as the latest offering in XtremeZone family of BitTorrent trackers. In other words, Mobile has two other siblings namely XtremeZone (signups open), a leading Romanian General tracker and Xtremepron, an adult torrent tracker. Since the public launch has managed to recruit over 5500 members – I’m sure a large portion of this user base are members who heard the news from – having a big brother in the BT community has its advantages.

There’s no secret as to what’s indexed at – from iPhone apps to operator logos this site has a wide range of games, software and themes designed for a number of different mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Java, Symbian, Palm and several others. But that’s not all, this tracker even indexes mobile optimized movies – these are specially re-encoded (say for example into 3GP format) media which can easily be played back on mobile devices, without having to install additional codecs or players. If you have any more questions on content on, the following screenshot should answer most of them: index

While a promising tracker, has been plagued by downtime issues. In fact, this is the main reason why it was not featured on this blog sooner – the site was offline more often than it was online. Thankfully, these issues seem to have resolved by now – and let’s hope the site would stay up for a long time to come.

Signups for are currently open. Those who are seeking a new Mobile oriented private tracker would want to check this site out.

Site Name: Mobile (

Signup URL:

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    Yes, wants the invite code?...

    If left null, "it says cannot be empty"...

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