IPAKI Group – The Aftermath

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If you read this article, you should by now know who ‘IPAKI Group’ are. Several days ago internet forums were abuzz with the news that a certain p2p release group who identified themselves as ‘IPAKI Asian Division’ had cracked UBISoft’s Assassin's Creed 2. Main source of these rumors were a Twitter account which seemingly gave live updates on the cracking progress – this Twitter account was said to be maintained by the crackers themselves. As we anticipated, the whole thing turned out to be a hoax. IPAKI eventually linked to a file which they claimed was a crack for AC2 but this was a non functional piece of garbage infected with viruses. They have now publicly admitted the hoax and the nature of Twitter updates have changed dramatically since then.

Quoted below are several recent Tweets from the account http://twitter.com/IPAKIGroup:

We aren't crackers and that was April fool . Enjoy yourselves . follow this link to know who we really are : http://bit.ly/9DkUoe

Stop software piracy , buy the Game and support the developers . Idiots who believed that ACII is going to be cracked , go buy it instead !

All software pirates FAIL . from now on , we shall win the game ! @ubisoft , Task Done , now everybody should buy the game instead of waiting :)

Ubi DRM is the best future protection system against piracy . It withstood all the efforts to get cracked . ViVa Ubi !

As you can see, new Tweets are glorifying UBISoft DRM which has so far been successful against PC game pirates. But is it the best future protection? We don’t think so. “It withstood all the efforts to get cracked.” All? Not all. Several folks in a well known Russian underground community (CS.RIN.RU) are working on a server emulation patch – and they’ve been partially successful so far and have apparently got the game to work until sequence 5. Their method involves playing a legit copy of the game, logging all responses that come from UBISoft servers and building a complete server emulator. However to make the emulator complete, they will have to explore the game 100% which is a time consuming process. Be that as it may, this clearly shows that UBI’s DRM is not as invincible as it is claimed to be.

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  1. Yarkz // 4/03/2010 11:15:00 AM  

    It was also successful in making me cancel my preorder. I had the game preordered than I read about the ridiculous DRM they would include and canceled it. So what if no one pirated the game, it's not like anyone bought it either.

    Shouldn't it be better to have 10,000 sales and 2,000 pirated copies than 1,000 sales and 0 pirated copies?

  2. Mynes // 4/03/2010 03:15:00 PM  


    >implying Ubisoft has common sense.


  3. IPAKI // 4/03/2010 11:44:00 PM  

    Hello ,

    IPAKI's Regards .. After reading your topic , Clearly nobody in the world is understanding what we were doing for piracy promotion . We are trying to make people pissed of from ubisoft and the game itself , so that would decrease ubi's sales so they won't continue to use the DRM system . here's the technique we had used :

    * Make promises for other Games as well so people believe us .
    * Delay the release as much as possible till 1st of April , Inorder to make the whole situation a mystery as people would ask ( are they real crackers ? ) , ( is that April's fool ? ) .

    * After that we gave people a Non Active sality virus , you know very well that viruses don't work unless executed and the infected files aren't executable so no one will be harmed , then you ask " why did you give it then ? " yes to make people pissed off more and more and to add another doubt which is : " Did they do that to infect people with viruses ? spread malware ? "

    * Then we used our new technique which is to pretend that we are an Anti-Piracy Group .. Why did we do that ?

    simple answer : people were pissed off IPAKI after they'd faked them and gave them viruses , So when we pretend to be antipiracy and everything we did was to make more sales for ubisoft by pissing people off , That way people won't buy the Game and Ubi's DRM will fail . We are still continuing our job till the server emulation is done 100% .

    Job had shown success , we'd seen many people say that they won't buy the game after what we did . So at the end we succeeded to reach our target .

    Cheers ,
    IPAKI .

  4. noam // 4/04/2010 12:35:00 AM  
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  5. Dawid // 4/04/2010 08:03:00 PM  

    What a devilish plan...


  6. amaterashu // 4/04/2010 08:09:00 PM  

    Whoever believe this statement are as STUPID as IFUCKI

  7. TEAM FILEnetworks // 4/04/2010 08:50:00 PM  

    First of all we are not promoting piracy here. The battle between piracy and anti piracy is always interesting and we're mere observers.

    As for IPAKI's latest statement (above), thanks for taking the time to comment here. But that doesn't mean we believe you :p

    One more thing, Sality.AA (the virus that was infected with the fake crack you made available earlier) is NOT harmless according to Sophos labs.


  8. Saad // 4/04/2010 10:16:00 PM  

    You know what I and rest of the world think IPAKI? You are a bunch of losers trying hard get famous either by gaining Ubi's favor or by siding with the pirates. You don't know a thing about hacking/cracking, you people initially were taking Ubi's side. From day one, any person whose IQ is that of an idiot or above (including an idiot) could clearly see that all your crack talk and the twitter pages were a big April fool. And you posted comments (which you now claim to be a part of a big plan to fail ubisoft) were against pirates. Everything was going well and dandy till three days back, when this server emulation thing came in picture. Initially you thought that it was just a hoax. So you booed it. When the drm fell apart, to save your @$$ in front of the whole world, two hours ago you update your twitter initially saying that someone was using your name (and your twitter account :s) and it was not you guys. Later using that same twitter account, now you say that it was a big plan against ubisoft. I don't know who you losers are, or what are your objectives, people aren't dumb as you guys are to believe your different stories which are made up every 12 hours. So get a life, this ain't your line of work, your all better off serving big macs rather than be a pirate group or an anti pirate. The way you explain things in your reply on this page, no one's gonna believe your justifications cause people don't consider you important, they think your all a bunch of losers trying to get some fame and most have forgotten you by now as the people who played the LAME AC2 April fool prank.

    @rest: believe me fellas, if by some unfortunate event ubisoft manages to tackle this server emulation patch, these IFUCKI's will again become the anti-pirates "if you can't afford a game, you don't deserve to play it."

    @IPAKI: u still believe that by posting such quotes as above, u can make people hate ubi more :s , the legit users will remain legit no matter what.
    As for the pirates : take this message to ubisoft that pirates will pirate cause 90% pirates can't afford 50-60$ games, so don't think that if you make it uncrackable the pirates will buy it, they just won't play it.
    As for the 3 world countries pirates, ubi and all other companies should set prices according to country's currency and average income like taking the example of India.
    Peace to all, except IPAKI losers.

  9. Violated // 4/04/2010 10:52:00 PM  

    You nailed it.

  10. Julio // 4/05/2010 06:29:00 AM  

    There's already an emulator that works for all the missions, but doesn't include the dlc's.

  11. ElChe // 4/05/2010 06:56:00 AM  

    No offence but...i really think this was an extremedly useless & stupid idea...i mean....relaly? you're just gonna help someone by not letting him help someone else? you guys are pretty much selfish assholes to me, probly never seen something as stupid as this idea, crackers or not, defenders of the DRM or not, nobody cares, all you did was piss off people for no actual reason or at least "preventing them from buying the game to make ubisoft crash" sounds pretty damn stupid to me...at this point, there is only one thing i can say....you guys...FAIL! IPAKI for the LOSE!

  12. Danilo // 4/05/2010 08:26:00 AM  


  13. Ivan // 4/06/2010 07:05:00 AM  

    split personality disorder

  14. John Tracker // 12/20/2012 01:13:00 PM