We’ve featured sites that offer direct download links to TV shows as well as sites that offer free online streaming of latest TV episodes. How about a site that offers both? TV-Dump is a pretty useful resource that acts as a DDL repository and a streaming link index. Through this site’s dead simple user interface, you’ll gain access to the latest television shows just aired in the United States (in some cases older episodes as well) with the click of a button. You wouldn’t need to have any doubts about the video quality of a listed episode - screen captures are always included along with DDL/Streaming links themselves. That’s not all, TV Dump comes complete with an alphabetical list of indexed shows, a search feature, RSS feeds and even integration with social media and micro blogging sites such as Twitter.


At the time this post is being written, TV-Dump indexes over 1700 files. But a closer look at their Twitter feed suggests that they used to have much more – in fact over 5000 files. Unfortunately, it appears the site suffered from a hard disk failure and were forced to start over from scratch. Anyways new TV episodes seem to be getting added at a reasonable speed so it’s not a big deal. Furthermore as you can see from the screenshot below, they are in the process of adding some of the older missing episodes in addition to latest scene releases in a bid to make the index more complete once again.

TV_Dump Uploads

TV-Dump Features

One of the best things about TV-Dump is its user interface. The UI is pretty simple and gives access to all major site features without the user having to go through so many steps. Each indexed release has three icons next to its name; the magnifying glass, flash icon and the green tick. If you click on the magnifying glass, a series of screen captures from the uploaded episode will be displayed. If you click on the Flash icon, you will be taken to that episode’s streaming video page (note that in some cases this icon may be dimmed – this is when there is no streaming video feed available for that particular episode or if the video is currently being converted). Clicking on either the green tick icon or the release name will take you to a page on a one click hosting site where you can download the video file to hard disk.

TV Dump primarily uses two one click hosting sites to upload TV episodes; Depositefiles and x7.to. Of all the DDL hosts available these days, why go with these two? The answer may be found in their FAQ:

Q: Why only depositfiles?
A: Like T-Dump.org, depositfiles is simply superior in it's After testing nearly all stable major hosts Depositfiles.com turned out to be the best. Decent speeds for free user, super fast speeds for Gold Accounts and a large file size which enables TV-Dump.org to feature only 1 file downloads. All files bigger than 2GB are hosted at x7.to because of filesize restrictions at df.com.

Streaming video on TV-Dump is usually served via Videoweed. Quality was decent for the few episodes we checked out – some of the 720p uploads indexed however had no streaming option other than the DDL links.

TV-Dump is not a closed site and everyone is able to publicly access, watch and download content. You do not need to sign up or log in to enjoy the full site features. As for closing comments, this is a great resource if you are into downloading/watching TV online.

Site Name & Homepage: TV-Dump (http://tv-dump.org/)

Twitter Feed: http://twitter.com/tv_dump

RSS: http://tv-dump.org/feed/

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    This looks great. Thanks for sharing..

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    Thanks! I have been using tv-dump.org for a week now and I love it. Fast, easy and free.

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    Ya it is very good that now it is very easy to watch the TV Shows online with a very good streaming quality i used to watch it from here


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