With so many specialized movie torrent trackers and DDL forums around, you’d think you have access to all the flicks internet has to offer. However, there are some sites waiting to be discovered that index content not found anywhere else – yep, sites like Surreal Moviez. Surreal movies is a huge direct download link forum with tons of movies – unlike most other similar sites of this genre, SM focuses on non mainstream flicks - “Here at SurrealMoviez, the focus is away from the mainstream, leaning heavily towards experimental movies, surreal movies, independent movies, extreme cinema, artistic movies... etc...”. SM offers direct downloads to a diverse set of content spanning across several decades – from movies made in early 1900s to late 2000s. Both English and non English flicks are indexed.

Surreal Movies

It may not be the most talked about DDL forum on the net but Surreal Moviez is pretty big. It’s index is huge by any standards and contains 25000+ titles. This includes movies, shorts and documentaries. As said above there is a diverse variety of content here – SM has retro, classic movies made in early 1900s as well as new, modern movies produced in the late 2000s. In addition to the large number of English movies available, SM indexes many non English movies such as those in Russian, French, Italian, Mandarin, German, Korean, Romanian (and the list goes one).

Surreal Movies Index

Having a huge amount of movie download links would not do any good unless they are organized properly. Thankfully, SM does a pretty impressive job at presenting what it indexes. The main browse page is well organized and each movie displays Year, Director, IMDB rating, Country and Language information next to it’s title. You can search for a movie using the built in search or browse the index in alphabetical order. There are some other cool features such as Directors collections, actors/actresses collections, other movie collections, etc – all of these are accessible through the ‘Movies Section’ located on top of left sidebar. Individual movie description pages are also detailed and come complete with screen captures, cover art, movie summary and of course, download links.

Speaking of download links, Surreal Moviez does not host any files on it’s own servers. However, it indexes verified, non fake download links to files hosted on services such as RapidShare. Some of the file are password protected and the password is usually given in movie description page.

Registrations for SM are currently open. If you are a movie lover, a collector or an enthusiast, this is a forum you’ll want to become a member of.

Site Name: Surreal Moviez (http://www.surrealmoviez.info)

Signup URL: http://www.surrealmoviez.info/register.php

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  1. Oranges // 4/07/2010 11:19:00 AM  

    I've been a member here for a while, and it's an excellent site.

    HUGE database of movies.

    There's also lots of info posted about each movie, including the specs of it. Mirrors are posted if need be too.

    There's also directors and actors collections on the site.

    Friendly atmosphere with people posting rare movies.

  2. cenk // 4/07/2010 11:45:00 AM  

    very good. thank you..

  3. Hiccup // 4/07/2010 12:10:00 PM  

    Anyone know what happened to horrorflix?

  4. kankar // 4/07/2010 03:41:00 PM  

    whoaaaa,amazing collection of films there!
    thank you,filenetworks team.everything i need,and have been looking for.what a wonderful thing.thanks.

  5. kankar // 4/07/2010 07:19:00 PM  

    damn,i just have to post again.this has made me almost drunk with excitement.
    i have to thank you again,filenetworks team.this community is just fucking great.a movie i have been trying to find for months,and it's there.
    what the hell, it seems i have found some treasure!
    i love films,and this is just wonderful.

  6. TEAM FILEnetworks // 4/07/2010 08:59:00 PM  

    haha kankar glad you found it useful.

  7. Fernando // 4/08/2010 05:52:00 AM  

    SurrealMoviez is really a great site. it's a kind of karagarga ddl.

    btw, kankar, you should try karagarga too! I'm sure you will love it.

  8. kankar // 4/08/2010 08:01:00 AM  

    i would love to,Fernando,but you know it is a private community without any open signups,and i have no idea how to get invited to it!
    but,what i have found in surrealmoviez is just fantastic.newer films are easily available,but it's the older and less conventional ones that are hard to get.and this place has tons of them!
    it surely is heaven for film-lovers.

  9. Patricia // 4/08/2010 08:49:00 AM  
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  10. chip // 4/08/2010 11:48:00 AM  

    Thanks a lot!

  11. kayhaytha // 4/08/2010 01:20:00 PM  

    I am told that one must become a paid-up Premium Member of RapidShare in order to download movies - or anything for that matter.
    Is this correct ?

  12. kankar // 4/08/2010 05:45:00 PM  

    well kayhaytha,i don't know of any such 'rule'.i became a member yesterday,and i have already downloaded two films,and i don't have a premium account at rapidshare[but i did read the rule that one must have the premium account or a collector's account to upload films].
    it's just that having a premium account saves you from waiting.
    i had to wait for some time,and disconnect and connect again to download the parts the films had been divided into to bypass the rapidshare limitation of a certain amount of download in a day for an ip address.
    it is a bit tedious but i am ready to do that for rare content not available to me anywhere else!

  13. kayhaytha // 4/09/2010 07:18:00 AM  

    kankar, not being IT literate, I could use some help here. I have down-loaded 3 of 8 files. The first one can be played using VLC player. But attempts to play the second and third using VLC return a message "unknown format".
    My questions :
    Do I have to 'join' all the 8 .avi files before playing the movie ?
    Which Player should I use ?
    Thanks in advance

  14. kankar // 4/09/2010 12:44:00 PM  

    you must download all the files to view the complete film,kayhaytha.
    the rar files that you have downloaded are compressed parts in which the complete film has been divided.
    when you have all the parts,you should open the first rar archive using winrar[or even winzip or any other software you have for compressed files.even the default windows applicationmay work here,i think].
    now choose to extract it to a specified location or you can choose 'extract here' to extract at the same location where all the rar files are.here,you must remember that while extracting,all rar files for the same film should be inside the same folder.
    now,the complete film would be extracted in its original media format and you can watch it.
    i hope this helps.do post if you face any problems.

  15. kayhaytha // 4/09/2010 01:27:00 PM  

    Thanks, kankar for the prompt response. Much appreciated. However, the files that I am downloading are AVI files and not RAR.
    So the question that I have to ask (again) is :
    Have I got to 'join' the 8 files using some software (what ?)before it works ?
    Or have I got to use a specific Player ? (what ?)
    To date I have tried VLF, DivX, Media Player and Media Player Classic.
    Thanks again in advance for your time

  16. kankar // 4/09/2010 04:40:00 PM  

    oh,i went ahead giving the lecture assuming you had the rared files!
    well,if they are separate avi files,then each one should be playable without a need to join with the others.strange.you have tried all those media players too.if you can,try to play using kmplayer too.if even this does not work,the file may have got corrupted[although i have no idea how it could have,if a working one was uploaded in the first place! just an assumption].
    in case of failure still,could you post the download link to one of the problem-causing files.i can download it and see if the problem persists.
    don't hesitate,i'm glad to be of any help!

  17. kayhaytha // 4/09/2010 06:56:00 PM  

    The links to 2 files are as follows


    The size of each is 100mb. The message I get with VLF is "Unknown format".

    Thanks again kankar for really extending yourself to help me solve this problem. I have also sent an email to the Uploader of the movie. Will keep you informed of his response.

  18. kankar // 4/09/2010 07:17:00 PM  

    oh,by seeing the names of the links,this may just be a very simple filename issue,actually!
    just right-click the file,and click rename,and then rename each of the files so that the names end in .avi,not .avi.002 or .avi.003 et cetera.
    you can name them anything,just the file extension should be .avi.
    hmm,just to make sure the settings on your system are such as to make changing the extension easy,follow these steps[i am assuming you are using a windows operating sysem]:
    - open the folder options dialog box from the menu bar inside any drive partition or from control panel.
    - once there,go on the view tab,and make sure that the 'Hide extensions for known file types' box is unchecked.if not,uncheck it,and click ok.

    these steps will configure your operating system to show the file extensions of all file types,and you can change them,as and when required.

    - now,change the names of these media files as mentioned above.

    well,that is the solution,i hope.do post back the result of this.

  19. kishorebharath // 4/09/2010 07:50:00 PM  

    Use hjsplit software to join .001 extensions buddy n play the movie in vlc or km player or gom :)

  20. kayhaytha // 4/09/2010 09:04:00 PM  

    Thanks kankar and kishorebharath for your advice and suggestions.
    I will set about implementing such advice over the next few hours and inform you of the result.

  21. kayhaytha // 4/09/2010 09:38:00 PM  

    kankar & kishorebharath,
    hjsplit software from freebyte.com did the trick !!
    Many, many thanks from an IT-idiot.

  22. kankar // 4/10/2010 06:03:00 AM  

    great.a much simpler solution at last!
    the filename change would still have you end up with 8 separate files.this one combines them all.this is better.

  23. Anonymous // 4/12/2010 09:42:00 AM  

    Looks like something to check out. Im always looking for more info on certain classic movies and where to find them


  24. Anonymous // 4/14/2010 02:08:00 PM  
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  25. Anonymous // 6/30/2010 09:18:00 AM  

    hey does anyone have an invite for this? contact me @ gluetang at aim dot com if you do, please.

  26. upkerry14 // 8/15/2010 08:16:00 AM  

    looks like reg is closed :(

  27. fira // 12/10/2010 05:04:00 AM  
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  28. fira // 12/10/2010 05:06:00 AM  

    can someone send me invitation please

  29. baki kaurismaki // 12/20/2010 12:19:00 AM  

    can someone send me invitation?

  30. bluelegoon // 12/20/2010 01:01:00 AM  

    good movie Tracker


  31. krankypunky // 12/28/2010 09:24:00 PM  

    Hi guys, happy new year for everybody!

    Reading your comments about SM, it sounds amazing.
    Could anyone send me an invitation to Surreal Moviez, please?

    Mail to: agaetis11@hotmail.com

    Thanks a lot!

  32. bluelegoon // 12/29/2010 12:09:00 AM  

    Same 2nd here.. Now open Sign up


  33. yhuynh // 1/28/2011 08:35:00 AM  

    would love an invite as well
    @ prestigious art university with potentially hard to find art films

  34. yhuynh // 1/28/2011 08:35:00 AM  
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  35. yhuynh // 1/28/2011 08:35:00 AM  
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  36. yhuynh // 1/28/2011 08:36:00 AM  

    yb.bobo [at] gmail.com

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  38. Alice // 4/08/2011 06:26:00 AM  

    will pay for an invite...sgeiser@cfl.rr.com

  39. HellToupee // 5/02/2011 05:13:00 PM  
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  40. HellToupee // 5/02/2011 05:13:00 PM  

    I am lucky enough to be a member there, and it is a bloody good site. Loads of rare and hard to find films and the like there. BRILLIANT SITE.

  41. Eva // 6/04/2011 03:50:00 PM  

    im lookin for an invitation to huge SM
    catorces [at] gmail.com
    thank you

  42. Wise Jake // 6/06/2011 03:48:00 AM  

    I've been looking to get in as well, if anyone could drop me an invite I'd be hugely appreciative.


  43. sabuy // 7/02/2011 11:42:00 PM  

    please send invitation code to me


    thank you

  44. Lu // 9/11/2011 12:23:00 AM  

    i want an acc too. if some1 could invite me? would be awsum.

    dasvomtal [at] hotmail [dot] com

  45. Lu // 9/11/2011 12:27:00 AM  
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  46. Lu // 9/11/2011 12:28:00 AM  

    dasvomtal [at] hotmail [de]


  47. Alexandra (Sasha) Lerman // 10/30/2011 10:56:00 PM  

    Hello, I'm looking for an invitation to Surreal Moviez. Please share if you can! I'm a filmmaker and really need to research a lot of work that is not in the libraries nor on Netflix. Thank you!

  48. bcksp // 12/13/2011 04:21:00 AM  

    can someone send me invitation please

  49. Modera // 12/17/2011 09:00:00 AM  

    anybody know why surrealmoviez.info is down? I check it most days for the past year and a half and this is the first time it's been down for more than 5 days in a row.

  50. Reco-.X // 6/19/2012 11:37:00 AM  

    Pls i need a invitation pls send me to recox.elbostero@gmail.com i have good ratio!!!

  51. Reco-.X // 6/19/2012 11:37:00 AM  

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  53. siraistak // 12/17/2012 01:41:00 AM  

    can someone send me invitation please

  54. John Tracker // 12/20/2012 01:13:00 PM  
  55. surrealmoviez // 1/28/2013 03:50:00 AM  

    can someone send me an invitation ? it seems my old account from 2010 has been deleted...

  56. AzMy Saeed // 10/28/2013 07:35:00 PM  

    For surrealmoviez invites. join

  57. Thanakorn Raklert // 1/14/2015 10:19:00 PM  

    send me an invitation akajin9@gmail.com

  58. Daniel Olmos Ochoa // 2/07/2015 04:17:00 PM  

    Hey! I would really much like to have an invitation for Surreal Moviez! I had just a few days ago some intensive lessons given by Andres Duque, an experimental videoartist from Spain, and I'm terrifically attracted by this kind of cinema. I also have started my own webpage in tumblr where I post experimental movies that I make. It's called Jordania. I hope it's possible, my e-mail adress is daniel@olmosochoa.com
    Thanks very much

  59. m.mikaeli // 11/01/2015 02:48:00 AM  

    I would like to get an invitation !

  60. J Simpson // 2/14/2016 05:59:00 AM  

    If anyone happens to have an extra invite, I'd be eternally grateful. Send to j.forestpunk@gmail.com, and I'll send you all the good karma in the world!

  61. Sophy ta // 5/20/2016 04:53:00 AM  

    I would like to get an invite too!

  62. Screened Version // 5/23/2016 01:29:00 AM  

    I am guessing that this is a futile request, but I would love to get a invitation also. I found this site via a post on reddit, and am looking for a site like this that would allow me to watch director collections.

    email: screenedversion@ g m a i l . c o m (remove spaces obviously)


  63. Gregorio Ruótolo // 6/14/2016 05:19:00 AM  

    Hi! I'm a student and I want to learn about independient and experimental films. Please send me an invitation.


  64. lovemjgaga // 8/28/2017 12:42:00 PM  
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  65. lovemjgaga // 8/28/2017 12:46:00 PM  
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