We’ve featured tpsBB several times on this blog but in all those cases it was introduced as a direct download link forum. However, this site has expanded and it is now more than simple DDL forum. In addition to one click hosting download links section in their forums, tpsBB now has a fully fledged BitTorrent tracker. It’s a ratio free private tracker that is integrated to the forum and it is likely to track exclusive tpsBB encodes including high definition content as well as TV scene releases. For those hearing about tpsBB for the first time, it’s a site run and maintained by non scene encoder group NHanC3. Along with exclusive releases by NHanC3, you can find HD content released by P2P groups CCnSS, AQUA, PRODJi, WHIZZ, ASCo and more.


Once you register and log into tpsBB, you’ll notice that there is now a new section called ‘tpsBB torrentz’ above the usual ‘tiRG Downloads section’ (this is where DDL links are indexed – read more about it here). If you browse ‘tpsBB torrentz’ you’ll notice that it is a forum based torrent index categorized by movie and TV release types (alternatively, you can directly access the BitTorrent tracker through the ‘Tracker CP’ drop down menu on topmost toolbar). Some of the thread names suggest that this tracker will soon begin tracking exclusive releases by tpsBB internal encoder teams (NhaNc3 ,CCnSS, etc) which have up to now been made available only via one click hosting sites such as RapidShare.

However, make no mistake – tpsBB’s tracker is still very young and is currently no match for their own DDL section which is rich with content and gets updated more regularly. As of 18/4/2010 there are only around ~75 torrents but strong user participation (some of those torrents have 200+ seeders) suggest that the tracker will definitely develop into something solid.

tpsBB torrents

Meanwhile there is more good news for existing members of tpsBB. They seem to have partnered with two Indian P2P release groups, DDR and DUS, and plans are afloat to upload a lot of Bollywood stuff in addition to the already popular Hollywood movies that are indexed. Quoted below is a recent message sent by the site administration:

Dear tpsBBians,
As promised we are back with tpsBB tracker & Rapidleech is back working again.
tpsBB is badly in need of uploaders [Both torrent and Direct downloads]. People who are interested can PM me. Uploaders will be provided with exclusive tpsBB seedbox accounts.
We recently had some downtime because our database was hacked.We lost data for at least a week. Now everything is secure and backed up.
Kindly donate to keep the tracker alive. It costs 300$ /month for the servers and the admins have been paying it from their own pockets.
Talks have been going with bollywood release groups DDR n DUS & they are ready to release on tpsBB. tpsBB will be having Exclusive Bollywood and Hollywood stuffs including Micro High Definition encodes.
tpsBB is a ratio free tracker for now. So make the most of it.

By the way, older members of the tracker would be glad to know that recent downtime issues now seem to be resolved and the site looks stable now. If you are still not a member of this forum and want to check it out, registrations are currently open.

Site Name: tpsBB (http://www.tpsbb.com)

Registration URL: http://tpsbb.com/register.php

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  1. TVClassics // 4/24/2010 01:42:00 AM  

    DDR and DUS, best groups in bollywood movie world

  2. rb // 4/27/2010 07:43:00 AM  

    problem loading page. Is it just me?

  3. John Tracker // 12/20/2012 01:10:00 PM