There are lots and lots of Direct Download Link (DLL) forums around but there aren’t many that index retro or classic movies. ShareBus is one of those rare sites that index both new movies as well as rare gems from a bygone era. It indexes a huge collection of both English and non English flicks ranging from the latest blockbuster hits in U.S to rarely heard of movies released in far eastern countries (in addition to movies, TV series are also available). Indexed movies come in a wide variety of video formats including XViD, Blu Ray, HDDVD and more. In addition, ShareBus is one of the best places on the net to find and download AFR releases (Advanced Filesize Regulation which focuses more on quality rather than file size – explained in detail later). ShareBus is a private community. However, becoming a member of this forum is pretty easy as it’s currently open for registrations.


Naturally, some of you may be hearing about this forum for the first time.  However, ShareBus is neither a new forum nor a small sized, lesser known site on the net. With over 100000 registered members it has a pretty large following. More importantly, the community here is buzzing with activity – many new uploads are posted daily and hundreds of thread updated.

As the title of this article states, ShareBus is an excellent place to get your hands on AFR rips. If you are wondering what AFR rips are, the following explanation should put you in the clear:

In short, AFR releases do not follow the scene rules. Scene groups (e.g. DiAMOND,NeDivX) split their movies up into one or two CD's, 700MB avi files (the size of a CD-R).

AFR releases aim for quality: the files are bigger and there's no split. The old concept of a 1xCD rip has been replaced by a single ~0744 MB file which is 1/6 DVD-R sized. A single ~1490 MB file (1/3 DVD-R) replaces the traditional 2xCD rip, and finally there are ~2236 MB files (1/2 DVD-R) instead of 3xCD rips. We call this the Advanced Filesize Regulation (AFR).

The above was quoted from a forum thread on Nattawat. For the original source as well as a list of P2P groups that release AFR rips, read the thread here.

Coming back to ShareBus, it’s a forum of Turkish origin. Some of the messages and forum content is Turkish but download sections are clearly marked with English labels (in brackets) so international users should have no problems finding their way around the site.

ShareBus Index 

The screenshot above shows some of the download categories (only a few of the many that are available) on ShareBus. Each of these sections have hundreds of subpages each full of threads which contain direct download links to movies. By Movies we mean all sorts of them – ShareBus indexes a lot of retro/classic movies as well as foreign flicks, at the same time indexing latest hits from Hollywood as well. Individual releases are occasionally accompanied by  movie packs - for example, check the ‘Collection Movies’ category in Movies section. There are TV series (mostly full season packs) available as well. It might take a while to get used to the site interface and browse the sheer number of threads here – but once you get used to it, you’ll realize that this is a great place to be, especially if you are a movie buff.

Downloads are hosted on one click hosting services such as RapidShare, Hotfile, Sharebase,, etc. A single movie usually has more than one set of download links ensuring better availability. Of course, there is no need to fear of fakes as most of the indexed links on ShareBus are verified and tested. Movie posts are usually accompanied by screen captures of the release making it easy for members to find and download movies with desired video quality.

As we mentioned at the start of this article, ShareBus is currently open for registration. Registration is important since you need to be logged into the site in order to browse internal pages. If you are looking to download movies (let it be old or new) off one click hoster sites, check ShareBus out – it’s an active forum with tons of content.

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    this looks wonderful for films.the search features are very useful[by year,genre,director] and the collection of films available is great.more than 13600 films listed,if i am right.
    i love this.thanks.