Here’s quick update on new BitTorrent client releases. Both uTorrent and Vuze (formerly Azureuz), the two most popular BT clients in the world, have released new builds of their software to the public. After releasing uTorrent 2.0 Final the the masses several days ago, it seems the UT team is busy working towards their next major milestone; uTorrent 2.1. Another new alpha build was released released yesterday and albeit still a long way away it’s another step closer to the highly anticipated v2.1 Final. Vuze v too has been released which features minor updates and bug fixes over previous builds. If you use an older build of the same, upgrading to the newest is always recommended.

µTorrent 2.1 Alpha (2.1.18069)

Highlights of this release includes a new, encrypted webUI that doesn't require port forwarding (tentatively called Falcon); many improvements to the standard WebUI backend; streaming; and a new, optional (non-default) simplified UI. Please note that this is still an Alpha build and you might run into undiscovered bugs – proceed at your own risk.


[Click Here] to download uTorrent 2.1.18069 Alpha build
[Click Here] to download uTorrent 2.0 Final

Vuze for Windows

The newest build of Vuze has the following fixes and enhancements over the previous Vuze and Vuze builds:

  • Core | Added .vuze file format to trigger a search operation
  • Core | Disable IPv6 under Windows by default, as it needs Java7 to work properly
  • Core | Added system property to disable instance manager
  • Core | Give user friendlier error message when offline-downloader disconnected
  • Core | Auto-dump threads if shutdown takes > 30 seconds
  • UI | Permit deletion of classicaly shared content from download/seeding views:
  • Core | Fixed bug whereby HAVE_ALL messages were failing to set the last bit of the bit-flags
  • Core | Wait until sid registered before attempting pairing test
  • Core | Various pairing HTTPS fixes
  • Core | Fix missing 'logout' button when paired with no authentication
  • UI | Windows - Vuze now pops up if closed to system tray and user launches exe
  • UI | Fixup some Remote Pairing dialog edge case bugs
  • UI | OSX - Fix sidebar animations sometimes not animating
  • UI | OSX - Text in table views are now the correct color (white) when selected
  • UI | Protect against case where Main Window's stored dimensions area invalid or stupidly small
  • UI | Fix invalid thread access and NPE when closing pairing dialog
  • UI | Fixed case where status bar was blank after deiconifying

If you are using an older build of Vuze, it’s recommended that you upgrade to If you haven’t figured it out, the classic menu is still available although the option is a little harder to find. If you feel the default UI is bloated (like me), you can always choose the classic view from the UI chooser.


[Click Here] to download Vuze

Note: If you are using private torrent trackers, always make sure the new client version is allowed below you use it to download torrents from such sites. Using versions not in the a tracker’s allowed clients list could get you banned in extreme cases.