Several months ago we talked about how BitTorrent trackers have embraced Twitter as an alternate communication medium. Lately, we’ve been seeing lots of trackers using Twitter not just for communication but for expansion and member recruitment as well. We saw TL giving away invite codes for their followers, TemplateP2P tweeting random invites, Jambands recruiting via Twitter DM and ScienceHD making invite apps public through the service (and the list goes on). SceneSound is the latest site to launch a Twitter based expansion phase and they plan to give away 100+ free invites to their followers between today (10th) and Friday (12th). If you still aren’t a member of this great scene MP3 music tracker, here’s another chance to become one.


Launched back in June 2009, SceneSound has come a long way in a pretty short time. After being online for less than a year’s SS’s torrent index now boasts a massive 22000+ torrents. Number of registered users has risen close to 7500 and this could have been a lot higher had the site opened signups more frequently. Either way there is plenty of activity and torrents here and the download speeds are pretty decent. Main index does not record pre times but from what we saw, they weren't bad at all.

If you still don’t know, SceneSound is a scene only MP3 tracker which tracks albums released by groups such as FNT, DOH, LzY, hM, H3X, SiRE, pLAN9 and many more. Apart from the 20000 odd albums which are in MP3 format, there is lossless section on site which tracks a few albums in FLAC format. All these releases are categorized in relation to over 40 different music genres.


Coming back to the invite give away, all you have to do in order to become eligible is to follow SceneSound on Twitter. SS staff will keep you up to date on the proceedings and instruct you how to obtain your invites – keep in mind all of this will be done via  Twitter. To become a follower of SceneSound, do the steps below:

  1. If you don’t have a Twitter account, create one from here.
  2. Log in to your Twitter account.
  3. Follow on Twitter and watch for updates.

If you are looking for a scene only music tracker, you should seriously consider joining this site. Lots of releases, less crap and good activity. Currently. the entire archive section is on free leech – we do not know how long this will continue but use it wisely :p.

Site Name: SceneSound (

Twitter URL

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