Last time we talked about the popular high definition torrent tracker Awesome-HD (AHD), it wasn’t about good news. Dealing a critical blow to AHD, one of their main encoders EuReKA left the site to join HD-Torrents, another HD tracker. To make things worse, EuReKa took the domain along with him. Although many believed AHD to die after the incident, it never happened. The site bounced back on a new domain and life seems to have returned to normal at AHD with torrents flowing in as usual and user base as strong as ever. Good news is that they’ve opened signups for the first time since they moved to a new domain. The occasion? Valentine’s day :p

Awesome HD

Quoted below is a news item posted on site homepage:

In the spirit of Valentines Day, we'd like to share the love.
For 24 hours from midnight GMT to midnight GMT, (all of Valentines day) Awesome-HD features:
Spread the word at other trackers and tell your friends to come and get some Awesome love. Remind your friends though of our new inactivity rule, cause we'd like them to stay a while once they're here!
Happy Valentines Day from the staff of Awesome-HD

Since we’ve discussed about this tracker in detail in a recent post, we’re not going to repeat the same information here. However, we strongly recommend you read this article to get an idea of AHD’s new features, type of content it tracks, rules etc before you sign up. The review is based on the new AHD v3.1 and is pretty up to date. When you sign up, use the link below as the link posted in previous artuicle may now be out of date.

Site Name: Awesome HD (
Stats: 6700+ users and 1200+ torrents
Signup URL:

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  1. Bala // 2/14/2010 12:49:00 PM  

    are there any freeleech torrents on this site . i really like the site . but without a seed bonus system its going to be really hard to hack up the upload credits

  2. Ankur // 2/14/2010 01:47:00 PM  

    joined a while back.. sorry to say but i found it unimpressive.. dont use it anymore.. dont mind my account getting disabled.

  3. serkan // 2/14/2010 03:07:00 PM  

    Hd trackers are useless without seed bonus system for low bandwitdh torrenters. I will never give my all upload rate to only one tracker.

  4. wilmark // 2/15/2010 02:21:00 AM  

    I agree - most dedicated top end HD torrent sites are useless - because most of the top users have seed boxes and the sites have very little to offer in terms of freeleech or something to give the average something to create upload credit - unless you plan saving ALL your downloads and keep seeding them for a year or so. Although i am a member of these sites i get all my hd content from CZ team and Leechers lair - and usually one of these sites get the stuff before the HD sites.

  5. snelsy // 2/15/2010 06:33:00 AM  

    Why don't you guys look at torrentday? it's anew site but it's growing fast it's got 3 free leech at the moment and yes its got a seed bonus.It hasn't got apps or music yet but they will come ,check the stats for members i reckon this site will be big,check it out before it goes private.

  6. zoomby // 2/15/2010 12:55:00 PM  

    I wounder why low brandwith users need pvt tracker and download HD stuff?

  7. Pinguinozaur // 2/22/2010 12:16:00 PM  

    Maybe its just me but redirects me to HDT..