It was after seeing the feedback we received for the previous post that I decided to write this article. Apparently, a lot more people (than we initially thought) do care about pre times and torrent races. If you are interested in a multi role site that acts as scene releases index, a pre database as well as a web based torrent pre times tracker (aka a tracer) you might want to check out TRAC3.ME. Trace.M3 maintains a pre database that indexes hundreds of scene and p2p releases daily. However, T.ME’s PreDB differs from those run by pure sceners  – first of all it’s publicly accessibly by anyone. Second, all releases indexed on Trac3.Me contain torrent racing information (which tracker indexed the release first) along with nuke information, file count and more.


Although not very popular (Alexa rank above 500000), is not a young site. It’s a joint project APNet and ScnSrc that went public last October. During this time. the site has indexed 125621 scene releases which is not a bad feat at all. At the same time, it pulls torrent racing information from 60+ different private and semi private BitTorrent trackers.

Although we’ve been talking about it a lot, some of you might be unfamiliar with the term ‘torrent racing’. In the world of BitTorrent, the value of a site goes a lot higher if they are able to index a release within seconds after it’s leaked by a warez group in the scene (aka pre’d). Pre time on torrent trackers is usually the difference between time of original scene release and the time it was uploaded to the tracker. What does is that it ranks torrent sites by the best pre times.

Trac3.Me Pre Times

Those little icons you see below a release name all represent a torrent site. If you hover the mouse cursor over them, you’ll see the time each tracker took to upload the release. The first tracker to upload a release wins that particular race. Following trackers have registered the most number of race wins on, so far:

  • SCC – 16673
  • PTM – 9424
  • DDT – 8323
  • DH – 6662
  • TB – 6434

As mentioned above is public. Registration is not required and anyone free to access the site and use all of its features including search.

[Click Here] to visit Trace.M3 homepage.


  1. Yarkz // 2/25/2010 12:26:00 PM  

    I thought GFT managed to pull out of that, yet I see them listed on a torrent...

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    no traffic shaping / direct links 2 download / uploaders @ 100MB upload / win 1GB of upload @ register
    like downloads?
    BT Revolution P2P | Portuguese tracker

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    What site is ZSM?

    Oh, and don't invite vineetsonkar anywhere, he just got banned from btrealm for trading!

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