Up until now, musiCore was known amongst the file sharing community as a site which offered direct download links (DDL) to scene released music albums. However, thanks to the recent changes and new features implemented by musiCore staff, this impression will soon change. It’s no longer just a DDL forum – the site has morphed into a hybrid download engine which now offers three ways of leeching music; DDL, torrents and FTP links. For those of you who’ve never heard about musiCore, it auto uploads scene released music albums to file hosting services (and now to a torrent tracker & FTP) so that they may be downloaded by the general public. In fact, a recently pre’d SceneNotice (more info in previous article) identified this site as a ‘0sec HTTP Site Mirroring to Public’. For those of you are interested in joining, basic membership registrations are currently open.


Although musiCore is not as popular a source for music downloads as What.Cd or Waffles.Fm, it’s actually doing a great job in terms of adding new content. Around 350 new albums are uploaded by the service on a daily basis – that’s a lot of music and you don’t often see that much of new content on other similar DDL/torrent sites. And the fact that you now get to choose *how* you are going to download the files (DDL/Torrent or FTP) should make the service even more popular.

But are all these for free? Well, most of it is, but to access some features of the site, you need to get promoted to advanced members group or become a donor. Actually the user class system and membership requirements on musiCore can be a little confusing so we have presented it in a more simplified form below:

  • musiCore is currently open for registration. Anyone who gets is through open regs will start as a ‘Basic Member’
  • Basic members have full access to DDL links.
  • Basic members do not have access to torrent downloads – However, they are allowed to upload (seed). Once you upload 1GB of data to musiCore’s tracker, you will get promoted to ‘Advanced Members’ group.
  • ‘Advanced Members’ have full access to both DDL and Torrent downloads.
  • Users invited  by existing musiCore members will automatically start out as ‘Advanced Members’.
  • ‘Advanced Members’ will all be awarded one invite each month (if they don’t have any invites left).
  • FTP access is for donors only. While ‘Advanced Members’ can log into the FTP server and view directories/files, only donors can actually download. To be honest, this part is basically a pay-to-leech operation.

musiCore offers two ways of browsing their massive index – a forum based system where music releases are organized into threads (http://musicore.net/forums/index.php) as well as using a searchable index (Log in and visit http://musicore.net/). In addition, a separate page where all DDL links (sorted by date) are added, is also available at http://musicore.net/ddl. At a glance, the forum system appears to be more user friendly – main index takes some getting used to but this too comes in very handy at times.

musiCore index

Screenshot above shows part of musiCore’s searchable index. Through the ‘Link Mode’ drop down, you can switch between modes of leeching. If you select ‘Default’ or ‘Filehoster’ options, you will be given DDL links on remote one click hosting services (click on a release name –> this will display a yellow colored box with a link –> click this and you will be directed to album download location). If you choose ‘Torrents’ from the drop down and click on an entry, the browser will immediately start to download the .torrent file (you may also start the torrent download by clicking on the number of seeds for a particular release). FTP links work pretty much the same way, provided that your user class has the necessary permissions. There are lots of additional features in this interface and we recommend you play with it and find out for yourself :p

As mentioned earlier, registrations for musiCore are currently open. Those who sign up through this method will start out as Basic Members.

Site Name: musiCore (http://musicore.net)

Registration URL: http://musicore.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register

Forum URL: http://musicore.net/forums/index.php

Tracker/DDL/FTP Searchable Index URL: Log in and visit http://musicore.net/

All In One DDL Releases Index URL: http://musicore.net/ddl/

For basic members – How to upload data to musiCore:

  1. Download a music album to your hard disk from another source i.e. a torrent site or another DDL.
  2. Locate the same album release on musiCore. Download the torrent.
  3. Once you have the torrent loaded in your client, change its data directory so that it points to the location where you placed files you downloaded in step 1. Your torrent client will now re-check the data and start seeding the torrent (if files match).
  4. You can seed several albums at the same time. Once you seed 1GB+ data to musiCore’s tracker, you will be promoted ‘Advanced Member’ user class.

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Special thanks to Andrew Coder for the heads up.


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