Back in early 2009, we did an article on a list of Wrestling torrent trackers that were open for signup. Here are two slightly newer sites that were not included in that update; World Wrestling Torrents (WWT) and Wrestling Axxess. WWT is wrestling tracker that’s been around for a while - and it’s probably the only gazelle based sports torrent site out there. Wrestling Axxess on the other hand is brand new and is an infant in the BitTorrent scene. Both these trackers seem to have a bright future ahead of them and might interest you if you are into Wrestling, Classic Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) related video content. These sites are currently open for registration and everyone is able to sign up for an account without the need for an invite.

World Wrestling Torrents
WWT Logo
We first featured this tracker in March 2009, when it was brand new. During the last year and a half, WWT has come a long way from being a start up Wrestling tracker to evolve into the matured torrent site that it is today. It does not have a million torrents but WWT indexes videos from all major Wrestling events – they have both  scene releases as well as internal releases by trusted uploaders. The Gazelle layout works well and it’s customized to match the site’s theme.
WWT index

At the time this post was being written, WWT tracked over 1330 active torrents and had a registered user base of 14300 members. Signups are currently open.
Site Name: World Wrestling Torrents (
Signup URL:

Wrestling Axxess
Wrestling Axxess
Wrestling Axxess is the newest specialized Wrestling tracker to hit the BitTorrent scene. It’s just been two weeks since this tracker went live but so far it’s not been anything revolutionary. However, WA appears to cover all important Wrestling events ranging from WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, Class Wrestling as well as UFC and other MMA events. Several unique packs have also been uploaded it’s a decent enough start for any young niche tracker.
Wrestling Axxess index

As of 11/6/2010, WA tracked 85 active torrents, all of them on free leech. Signups are currently open so go ahead and check it out.
Site Name: Wrestling Axxess (
Signup URL:

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